A Sauce night includes world class underground DJ's and is a hugely dynamic, multi faceted night of genres facilitated by open minded fun loving scene enthusiasts.
Typically found in the central metro area of Perth, Western Australia and co-ordinated by any number of world class Hosts and Deck maestros found in said area.
SA_spec: wow you look like you've had the best night out in your life?

Reenz: yeah man last night was sauce and i got laid 5 times by before 11pm.

SA_spec: wow dude thats kinda um ...skanky....was the music good as well but?

Reenz: Yeah man a sauce kinda night includes world class underground DJ's and is a hugely dynamic, multi faceted night of genres facilitated by open minded fun loving scene enthusiasts.

SA_spec: Rehearse that much?

Reenz: Shut-up.

SA_spec: Good
بواسطة SA_spec اغسطس 24, 2009
Sauce is an action word that describes when someone has just taken a sip of a beverage and a friend makes them laugh at that exact same moment and the beverage is then spit back out creating a very fine spittle sauce. This usually happens while friends are enjoying food at a table; thus the term 'sauce'.
Aimee was telling me the funniest story about something that happened to her while she was on holiday right when I took a fresh sip of my mojito; I sauced all over the table!
بواسطة Jena6 ابريل 9, 2011
An exclamation describing something awesome. A synonym for "cool". When spoken, is pronounced like "Sowce!"
"Taco Bell gave us a free drink! Sauce!"
بواسطة JuliaMarie فبراير 8, 2010
Adjective describing something wak. It's root is unknown, but it's meaning resonates to belittle something or someone. To emphasize how sauce someone or something is, it can be modified by "straigh" as in straight sauce.
Nick: "What are you doing tonight, Mike?
Mike: 'I'm chillin with my boy, Meatball. You wanna roll through?

Nick: "Nah, son. That kid is sauce."

Ding: "Yo, Vin. You need to wake up to global warming and watch this movie called an Inconvienient Truth."

Vin: "Yea, OKAY. That movie is straight sauce."
بواسطة JerkoffHaddon اكتوبر 13, 2010
Add to the end of any adjective to make it even more amazing then before
This movie is a bucket of awesomesauce!

Look at this fucksauce thinking he's so cool!
بواسطة SpicSauce نوفمبر 2, 2010
When your refering to something unreal. Its sauce.

When buddy has the sickest flow in the bar, hes sauce.
When buddies so drunk, hes sauced.
When your pizzas sick, sickest sauce.
ya i got so sauced last night i drank a 40!
(buddy pulls up in a lambo) Holy, that tool has the mad sauce.
Nancy over there had 2 beers and he's sauced, what a pussy!!
(when a hot broad walks by) I'd sauce her!!
(when someone givse you a sick mitt) holy this mitt is sauce!
بواسطة --Hamill يونيو 3, 2009
1. A word which can follow an adjective or verb to further describe something

ex: fail sauce, laugh sauce.

2. Used solo when a person is singing a repetitive part of a song, and continues to sing it, even when the repetitive part ends. Typically shows the person doesn't really know the song very well.
1. "Fail Sauce"

2. "I hate when i'm singing a song, and the person next to me doesn't know the lyrics; they sauce it."
بواسطة Lovelyloryn24 سبتمبر 16, 2009

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