same shit different day
بواسطة Samurai 99 مايو 7, 2003
Same Shit/Stuff Different Day

Also, a webcomic by Alan Foreman. Check it out at
Damn... skool sucked... it's always SSDD.
بواسطة blitzfisch نوفمبر 20, 2003
S.S.D.D. is an acronym that stands for Same Shit Different day.
"today was so normal!" exclaimed Jim " . "yes S.S.D.D." responded Sarah.
بواسطة Technohill يناير 20, 2012
Same shit, different day
Joe: "Hey man, how's it going?"
Sam: "Oh, fine I guess. SSDD!"
بواسطة Julesofwisdom يوليو 12, 2013
same shit, different day
Isn't that the same 6PR preview as yesterday?
بواسطة Cerise Blablaw يوليو 28, 2008
Same Shit Different Day
How was your day?

SSDD...................Same shit different day
بواسطة Starlababy65 ابريل 18, 2008
For North Oldham and South Oldham Football games meaning "Suck Some Donkey Dick
"Touchdown for the Mustangs"
Everyone : "SSDD"
بواسطة NOHS Football اكتوبر 4, 2011

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