(Suck On Balls) this is a very rarely used summary. It Means to suck on a males testicles.
i hate you ihy, go sob
بواسطة 6alex9 اغسطس 14, 2006
Society of Orlando Bloom Stalkers.
See fangirl (Weezer613's version).
I pledge to kill all the SOBS.
بواسطة Dramatique يونيو 23, 2004
A comedic insult.
<fu> fu sob
<don> ok
بواسطة Jagfire مارس 31, 2003
Syrovy's children
They are a family of SOBs
بواسطة I almost failed your class مايو 28, 2003
from the song teabag when a gurl is Sucking on Balls
I call her S.O.B cause see be suckin on my balls.
بواسطة Jazmynne ابريل 18, 2006
Still On Boat
he isn't "F.O.B", he's S.O.B.
بواسطة marshall562 نوفمبر 16, 2010
Acronym for still on the boat. Related to fob. An insult used for asian people who are not accultured to the U.S.
Look at that sob, he doesn't even know how to speak english.
بواسطة klazor ديسمبر 9, 2004

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