A waste of time test that instills fear and panic in many worthless teenagers. Those who give a shit not about this quizzical test are the ones to look out for, they should be boned frequently.
Fuck the SATs I just wanna grow up and be a travel bum anyway.
بواسطة Dutch مايو 2, 2003
SAT is short for Sick and Twisted...
1. (political version) the SAT is sick and twisted in the fact that it decides your fate...and everyone just plays along to it...motherfuckers...
2. (sexual version) it's sick and twisted if you're scamming during the time which you are supposed to be taking the SAT
بواسطة vague_state اغسطس 30, 2005
The SAT is a test used for undergraduate admissions in US universities that measures your ability to wake up at an ungodly hour on a Saturday morning, your ability to shade in what seems like millions of bubbles using a number 2 pencil; and your ability to sit still for over 3 and half hours with limited breaks.
"You got a 200 on one of the sections of the SAT! Oh! Maybe you miss-aligned all of your answers, and noticed when you got to the last question..."
بواسطة Anna_Banana239 نوفمبر 4, 2011
A test designed by ETS (Educational Testing Service) to screw you over. ETS is a non-profit organization, or so those bastards claim, until you drive up to New York and see them playing on their huge gulf course with $300,000 cars parked in the lot. Oh, wait, I forgot to ask how much that gulf course costs.

Those who do well love it, those who don't hate it.

A very unfair test. A guy with average SAT scores can get straight A's in high school taking all AP classes, a super lazy smart ass who don't do shit in high school can still score a 2300. Basically fucks up the guy with 4.7 GPA who could've got into an Ivy League and even get a 4.0 there. Very fair indeed.

That basically tells you that the test is biased as hell towards so-called "more capable" people who supposeldy have "loads of intelligence" and "potential." Bullshit.

A test the colleges can do without, but use it anyway to distinguish among similarly qualified applicants with close GPAs. Like they give a damn if the test is unfair, they can't come up with a fair test themselves anyway. No one can.

People who lived in the US and learned English for fewer than 5 years will struggle on the verbal and writing section of SAT. The fact that they don't make an alternative test for these folks is just plain bullshit. TOFL doesn't even count. If you get a 500 on verbal you're DONE, they'll take that instead of TOLFL and instead your true potential of actually scoring a goddamn 700+ if you lived here longer.
2000/2400, 4.7 GPA: "So you taking the SAT tomorrow?"

2350/2400, 3.1 PA: "Yes. I got 2350 last time and I want a 2400!"

Guy 1: *smiles and quickly walks away* *Mumbles to himself* "Fucking rich assholes who don't understand that there are too many things that don't add up on this test!"
بواسطة Melvin172092222 اكتوبر 13, 2009
A monster that will jump out of the blue and screw you over big time.
Yo the SAT screwed me so bad! It was like, "YO WTF!!! BEND THE F! OVER!! SSAAY MY NAAME!" And so I yelped,"!XOBILE"
بواسطة Bruce Lees Daddy اكتوبر 4, 2007
Acronym for Scary Atrocius Torture
Man this sucks, i have to go throuh SAT for my whole fucking junior year
بواسطة Peter W مارس 3, 2003
Scholastic Assessment Test

A test simply made to seperate the intelligent and/or hard-working from the below-average and/or lazy people

People who were born intelligent will ace SAT without even studying which can be considered unfair. However, it is possible for an average person to get a 1600 by studying your ass off instead of going to parties, fucking, and watching porn. However, when you weigh both options, most students choose the choice that is more fun.

People who care born dumb can never act the SAT even if they study thier ass off. However, as stated above, lazy people will probably also never get a 1600 on the SAT because they are too damn lazy to get off their ass and buy a stupid book from Barnes and Nobles and study their ass off.

If an average person really wants to score a 1600 on the SAT--they have to buy the books that teach you the MATERIAL presented in the SAT. Only if you buy a book that gives you TRICKS to "work your way around the test" will you be considered a dumbass for getting ripped off. However, the SAT does use some TRICKS on the test when compared to the ACT--however, if you take practice SAT tests multiple times and learn the MATERIAL presented in the test, you will eventually learn by yourself the tricks the SAT puts out and how you can bypass it WITHOUT buying a book that only shows you tricks.

Many people are going to hate me for saying all this--but its true. Unfortunately, I always wanted to go to Yale but I'm just to damn lazy to open that stupid SAT prep book and actually read and do it.

BUT...sometimes the tricks the SAT puts out on you is just too much for some of us--which has nothing to do if we are lazy or hard-working. So there is a substitute if you want to get into that New England college you always wanted to go too--take the ACT. You will still have to study your ass off if you want to ace it--but the test will not attempt to trick you.
Dude: Yo...that SAT test is keepin' all of us from becoming successful, man!!
Dude (2): No, Bush and the neocons in Congress are keeping us (racial minorities,e.g., black , religious minorites, e.g., jew down, lower class, seniors, war veterans, victims of Hurricane Katrina) down. We're just too lazy to study for the damn test.
بواسطة Marcos1779 ديسمبر 31, 2005

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