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Varient of: It is alright.
بواسطة Yep سبتمبر 4, 2003
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it's alright.
Even though you wrecked my new whip, 'salright.
بواسطة Sheila S فبراير 6, 2004
Abbreviation of the words "Is it" and "alright" in the form of a question or answer.
Bob: S'alright?
Billy: S'alright.
بواسطة einhornchen مايو 11, 2008
The togetherness...wat do u call that...joining..wateva of 2 words
its and alright to form the meaning of its good...ect
<Mel> Hey how u going?
<Becky> s'alright...u?
<Mel> s'alright ay
بواسطة Melecky مايو 19, 2003

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