To Quit
بواسطة Rads مارس/آذَار 25, 2003
a cigarette
Can I bum a rad?
بواسطة randomstoner مايو/أيار 15, 2003
To be sexually aroused by the same gender.
'Rad, man!' Meaning in essence, 'I want to dip my schlong in your arse dude.'
بواسطة Ubermensch إبريل/نَيْسان 10, 2005
Rad coming from radical, (putting an emphasis on cool or awesome) the word was developed from skaters and surfers from late 70's -early 80's coming from California, Los Angeles. i.e see movies's from the early- mid 80's (Rad & Gleaming the Cube).
That kick flip was rad!
بواسطة SweatP مايو/أيار 11, 2016
Short version of radical. It means cool.
Dude 1: Whoa, that new bike o' yours so rad, man!
Dude 2: Thank ya, bro.
بواسطة NachoNeko يونيو/حَزيران 4, 2015
Ratchet and dirty. Those ratchet girls who are just nast as fuck
Damn,that girl that sits next to me is r.a.d. as fuck
بواسطة JoieG يناير/كانون الثّاني 28, 2015
Roll a doobie
R.A.D. Up. (Roll A Doobie)
بواسطة chioboo ديسمبر/كانون الأَوّل 31, 2014
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