Definately the best rock band in history, with such kick-ass songs as "Bohemian Rhapsody" and "Brighton Rock". Lead singer Freddie Mercury died in early 90s, and they split up soon afterwards.
No modern day music is in the same league as Queen.
بواسطة ill bavid مايو/أيار 10, 2005
Queen is a british rock band who have been recognized as pioneers of arena rock, hard rock, glam rock, heavy metal, and progressive rock.

--John Deacon: Wrote "Another One Bytes The Dust" the single greatist bassline in music history. And Many Other Songs.

--Brian May: One of the most unique guitarists in all of music. A top five guitarist.

--Freddie Mercury:
---The single greatist male vocalist in music history.
---(bisexual not homosexual) He was known for having many girlfriends and boyfriends.
---He is world's first indian origin rock star.
---He was the only star in Kurt Cobain suicide note.
---A species of East African isopod, Cirolana mercuryi N. Bruce, was named after Freddie in 2004.

--Rodger Taylor: A very solid drummer.

--"Keep Yourself Alive/Son And Daughter" (1973) - didn't chart UK, #89 US (Cashbox)

--"Seven Seas of Rhye/See What A Fool I've Been" (1974) #10 UK

--"Killer Queen/Flick Of The Wrist" (1974) #2 UK (silver), #12 US

--"Now I'm Here/Lily Of The Valley" (1975) #11 UK

--"Bohemian Rhapsody/I'm In Love With My Car" (1975) #1 UK (3x platinum), #9 US (gold)

--"You're My Best Friend/'39" (1976) #7 UK, #16 US

--"Somebody to Love/White Man" (1976) #2 UK, #13 US

--"Tie Your Mother Down/You And I" (1977) #31 UK, #49 US

--"Long Away/You and I" (1977)

--"Queen's First EP: Good Old-Fashioned Lover Boy/Death On Two Legs/Tenement Funster/White Queen" (1977) #17 UK

--"We Are the Champions/We Will Rock You" (1977) #2 UK (gold), #4 US (2x platinum)

--"Spread Your Wings/Sheer Heart Attack" (1978) #34 UK

--"It's Late/Sheer Heart Attack" (1978) #72 US

--"Bicycle Race/Fat Bottomed Girls" (1978) #11 UK (gold), #24 US

--"Don't Stop Me Now/In Only Seven Days" (1979) #9 UK (gold), #86 US

--"Jealousy/Fun It" (1979)

--"Love Of My Life (live)/Now I'm Here (live)" (1979) #63 UK

--"We Will Rock You (live)/Let Me Entertain You (live)" (1979)

--"Crazy Little Thing Called Love/We Will Rock You (live)" (1979) #2 UK (gold), #1 US (platinum)

--"Save Me/Let Me Entertain You (live)" (1980) #11 UK

--"Play The Game/A Human Body" (1980) #14 UK, #42 US

--"Another One Bites The Dust/Dragon Attack" (1980) #7 UK, #1 US (sold over 4,5 million copies, 4x platinum)

--"Need Your Loving Tonight/Rock It" (1980) #44 US

--"Flash/Football Fight" (1980) #10 UK, #42 US, #1 Austria

--"Under Pressure (with David Bowie)/Soul Brother" (1981) #1 UK (silver), #29 US

--"Body Language/Life is Real" (1982) #25 UK, #11 US

--"Las Palabras De Amor/Cool Cat" (1982) #17 UK

--"Calling All Girls/Put Out the Fire" (1982) #60 US

--"Back Chat/Staying Power" (1982) #40 UK

--"Radio Ga Ga/I Go Crazy" (1984) #2 UK (silver), #16 US

--"I Want To Break Free/Machines (or Back to Humans)" (1984) #3 UK (silver), #45 US, #1 Austria

--"It's A Hard Life/Is This The World We Created?" (1984) #6 UK, #72 US

--"Hammer To Fall/Tear It Up" (1984) #13 UK

--"Thank God It's Christmas/Man on the Prowl/Keep Passing the Open Windows" (1984) #21 UK

--"One Vision/Blurred Vision" (1985) #7 UK, #61 US

--"Princes of the Universe/A Dozen Red Roses For My Darling"

--"A Kind Of Magic/A Dozen Red Roses For My Darling (Europe)/Gimme the Prize (US)" (1986) #3 UK, #42 US

--"Friends Will Be Friends/Seven Seas of Rhye (1986) #14 UK

--"Who Wants To Live Forever/Killer Queen" (1986) #24 UK

--"Pain Is So Close To Pleasure/Don't Lose Your Head" (1986)

--"I Want It All/Hang on In There" (1989) #3 UK (silver), #50 US, #3 US Rock Chart

--"Breakthru/Stealin'" (1989) #7 UK

--"The Invisible Man/Hijack My Heart" (1989) #12 UK

--"Scandal/My Life Has Been Saved" (1989) #25 UK

--"The Miracle/Stone Cold Crazy (live)" (1989) #21 UK

--"Innuendo/Bijou" (1991) #1 UK (gold)

--"I'm Going Slightly Mad/The Hitman" (1991) #22 UK

--"Headlong/All God's People" (1991) #14 UK

--"The Show Must Go On/Keep Yourself Alive" (1991) #16 UK

--"Bohemian Rhapsody"/"These Are The Days Of Our Lives" (1991) #1 UK

--"The Show Must Go On"/"Bohemian Rhapsody" (1992) #2 US (platinum)

--"Five Live" (EP) (with George Michael and Lisa Stansfield, 1993) #1 UK

--"Heaven For Everyone/It's A Beautiful Day" (1995) #2 UK (silver)

--"A Winter's Tale/Thank God It's Christmas/Rock In Rio Blues" (1995) #6 UK

--"Too Much Love Will Kill You/We Will Rock You/We Are the Champions" (1996) #15 UK

--"Let Me Live/Bicycle Race/Fat Bottomed Girls" (1996) #9 UK

--"You Don't Fool Me - The Remixes" (1996) #17 UK

--"No-One But You (Only The Good Die Young)" (1998) #13 UK

--"Another One Bites The Dust" (with Wyclef Jean featuring Pras and Free, 1998) #5 UK

--"Under Pressure (Rah Mix)" (with David Bowie, 1999) #14 UK

--"We Will Rock You" (with 5ive, 2000) #1 UK

--"Flash" (with Vanguard, 2003) #15 UK

--"Reaching Out (live) / Tie Your Mother Down (live) / Fat Bottomed Girls (live)" (Queen + Paul Rodgers, 2005)

The band have had a total of six #1 songs in the UK and two in the US.

--Queen (1973) #24 UK (gold), #83 US (gold), #52 Japan

--Queen II (1974) #5 UK (gold), #49 US (gold)

--Sheer Heart Attack (1974) #2 UK (platinum), #11 US (gold), #23 Japan

--A Night at the Opera (1975) #1 UK (platinum), #4 US (3x platinum), #9 Japan, #1 Netherlands

--A Day at the Races (1976) #1 UK (platinum), #5 US (platinum), #1 Japan, #1 Netherlands

--News of the World (1977) #4 UK (platinum), #3 US (4x platinum), #3 Japan, #1 Netherlands

--Jazz (1978) #2 UK (gold), #6 US (platinum), #5 Japan

--The Game (1980) #1 UK (gold), #1 US (4x platinum), #5 Japan

--Flash Gordon (1980) #10 UK (gold), #23 US, #12 Japan, #1 Austria

--Hot Space (1982) #4 UK (gold), #22 US (gold), #6 Japan, #1 Austria

--The Works (1984) #2 UK (platinum), #23 US (gold), #7 Japan, #1 Netherlands

--A Kind of Magic (1986) #1 UK (2x platinum), #46 US (gold in 2005), #25 Japan

--The Miracle (1989) #1 UK (platinum), #24 US (gold), #20 Japan, #1 Austria, #1 Germany, #1 Netherlands, #1 Switzerland

--Innuendo (1991) #1 UK (platinum), #30 US (gold), #13 Japan, #1 Germany, #1 Netherlands, #1 Switzerland

--Made in Heaven (1995) #1 UK (4x platinum), #58 US (gold), #10 Japan, #1 Austria, #1 Germany, #1 Italy, #1 Netherlands, #1 Spain, #1 Switzerland. Sold in excess of 10 million by 1997.

The band have had 11 of their 15 albums at number 1 in various countries.

--Live Killers (1979) #3 UK, #16 US (2x platinum), #9 Japan

--Live Magic (1986) #3 UK (platinum), #49 Japan

--Live at Wembley '86 (1992) #2 UK (gold) #53 US (platinum), #80 Japan

--Queen on Fire - Live at the Bowl (2004) #20 UK (gold), #85 Japan

--Queen + Paul Rodgers: Return of the Champions (2005) #12 UK (silver), #14 Japan

--Greatest Hits (EMI, Elektra: 1981; Hollywood Records: 1992 (US reissue); Parlophone: 1994) #1 UK (13x platinum), #14 US (7x platinum), #9 Japan, #1 Austria, #1 Netherlands. Sales to date in excess of 26 million copies worldwide (incl. the 1992 re-release).

--The Best Of Queen (1980) (A variation of Queen's "Greatest Hits" from Poland and Korea)

--The Complete Works (1985) - all albums from 1973-1985 plus bonus material

--Queen at the Beeb (1989) #67 UK; Queen at the BBC (US/Hollywood: 1995)

--Greatest Hits II (1991) #1 in UK (8x platinum), Argentina (Diamond award), Austria, Brazil, Denmark, Germany (4x platinum), Hungary, Italy, Netherlands, New Zealand, Portugal, Switzerland, #80 Japan; sales to date in excess of 15 million copies worldwide

--Classic Queen (US and Canada only: 1992) #4 US (3x platinum), Canada (5x platinum)

--Greatest Hits I & II - Two CD Set (1994) #37 UK

--Queen Rocks (1997) #7 UK, #10 Japan

--The Crown Jewels (1998)

--Greatest Hits III (1999) #5 UK, #25 Japan, #2 Austria, #4 Switzerland

--The Platinum Collection: Greatest Hits I, II & III - Three CD Set (2000) #2 UK (3x platinum), #48 US (gold). Sales in excess of 3 million albums (9 million single units) within Europe.

--Greatest Hits: We Will Rock You Edition (US only: 2004) #42 US

--Jewels (Japan only: January 28, 2004) #1 Japan sales in excess of 1.8 million

--Jewels II (Japan only: January 26, 2005) #9 Japan

--Dragon Attack - A Tribute to Queen (1997)

--Tributo A Queen: Los Grandes del Rock en Español (1997) - in Spanish

--Killer Queen: A Tribute to Queen (August 9, 2005)

--Dynamite With A Laserbeam: Queen As Heard Through The Meat Grinder Of Three One G. (2005)
Queen is a british rock band who have been recognized as pioneers of arena rock, hard rock, glam rock, heavy metal, and progressive rock.
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One of the 5 boroughs of The City of New York. Virtually impossible to get around without a car. Despite being exceedingly large, is mainly devoid of subway transport and reliable bus transport. An economically diverse area, though the changes are gradual, there is a sharp contrast between sets of not too far away neighborhoods. Shares south boarder with Brooklyn.
A. I used to live in Queens, but now I moved to Brooklyn.

B. To get to my friend's house, I had to take two trains and then a bus! And I still had to walk ten effin' blocks!

C. It's like, you travel down Union Turnpike, and you are suddenly in Kew Gardens, and it's like... woah... where did all these trees and houses come from?

D. I can take the G train straight up to Queens!
بواسطة Liz نوفمبر/تشرين الثّاني 16, 2005
Something having eminence or supremacy in a given domain and personified as a woman.

Not to be confused with quean which is also a Scottish phrase for a young lady.
Paris is regarded as the queen of cities.
بواسطة amy jay يوليو/تمُّوز 12, 2005
New York City's greatest borough.
Queens makes the Bronx look like a cesspool...Wait, shit...the Bronx DOES look like a cesspool!
بواسطة MetWop أغسطس/آب 7, 2009
-A Canadian 20 dollar bill (so called, as it has a portrait of Queen Elizabeth II on the front).

This term is in frequent use throughout the province of Newfoundland, and perhaps further throughout Canada. Primarily associated with "skeets" (see definition).
"Buddy. Can ya lend me a queen? I needs ta get some weed."
بواسطة Forsyth إبريل/نَيْسان 28, 2004
1 of 5 bouroughs witihin New York. The source of rap. Kings rise from here, but at night time homeless guys thribe around trashcans like flys around poo.
OG Loc-Hey man im from Queens i think...
Pistol Pete aka Pistol Paul(forgot his name after inhaling trashcan fumes)-Dude where are we
George(dial-a-pizza dude)-THIS IS QUEENSSSS BABY, betta ask somebody..BITCH
بواسطة pip287 يناير/كانون الثّاني 2, 2007
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