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A very stable piece of audio production software. Though stable, it unfortunatly is designed by Digidesign, the biggest bastards in the industry. They require you to use exclusively their hardware in conjuction with the software. When the new version of protools comes out, all the sudden you have to buy new hardware because its not compatible with the new version... even though Digidesign themselfs designed and sold the hardware to you only two years earlier. Their hardware is high quality... and you pay for it. An entry level Protools TDM system costs upwards of 10 grand. Isn't it nice to know that those thousands of dollars of hardware will be useless in two years? Protools doesn't play nicely with other pieces of software. Your computer must be free of all other sofware for Protools to work. If by any chance (which is great) that you will need tech support, Digidesign will be glad to take your $60/hour to tell you that the reason your system doesnt work is because YOU fucked it up, even though its clearly bullshit... Every professional in the industry should stock up on MOTU I/O's and nice mic pre and just use Nuendo. It may be slightly less stable, but it can do more and your hardware will last you many years with multiple versions of software.
I wasted $30 grand two years ago on a system thats now worth 2 grand. I should have spend a quarter of that money on a Nuendo system that still would be useable today... even with the new, more stable version. With the extra money I could have bought a rack of high end Focusrite mic pre's to make extemely prestine recordings.
بواسطة Mike إبريل/نَيْسان 28, 2004
n. Any recoding artist that uses hard-disc recording software to make up for lack of natural tallent.
When recording Jennifer Lopez's album we had to use Anteres auto-tune on her voice because she can't stay in key. What a fucking pro tool!
بواسطة mrdoad أكتوبر/تشرين الأوّل 16, 2006
Also known as "tools". Used by pretty much every studio on Earth worth recording or mixing at. Nuendo is a Steinberg alternative regarded highly in the industry as well.

Pro Tools is used on everything from music & movies to computer games and radio broadcasts.

You pretty much can't beat a tools system.
Trent Reznor from (NIN) uses Pro Tools to almost single handedly create the bands unique sound.
بواسطة 3EB يوليو/تمُّوز 10, 2005
The world's leading recording technology.
I used Pro Tools to record and mix my new CD.
بواسطة Jam فبراير/شباط 11, 2004
Pretty much what the big guys use for music production. It is not just for some dinky music producer in their own bedroom, it is for the big guys for the major labels out there. If you want to mess around, get a bootleg copy or fork in $50 of FL Studio and play around with it. Very expensive to buy...home studios are not worth it with at least $300 for the can buy a FL Studio set for that worth. All you need is a keyboard, a usb, and maybe a few vsts downloaded from the internet.
Pro Tools is FL Studio on jolt
بواسطة Kyle 230 مايو/أيار 11, 2010
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