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A suburb of Dallas, it breifly flashed into national news-worthiness when blacktop heroin found its way there in the late 90's, leading to a slew of deaths. It can be divided into 2 regions

A. West: The newer part, it also has a higher per capita income(on the order of $100,000-$120,000). Its schools are still a hotbed of drug activity due to the high preponderance of bored, rich kids, but heroin has fallen out of favor.

B. East: Considered by most Plano-ites, to be the "ghetto" section of Plano, the vast majority is still upper-middle class. It however lacks the number of shopping malls/ multiplexes/ etc. that have arose in the west side during the building boom that hit the DFW area in the 90's.
In Plano there are two types of students; bored, rich junkies and GPA-whoring asians
بواسطة Brian Smith مارس/آذَار 14, 2005
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A medium-sized community (about 250,000 people) in the northeastern sector of the DFW metroplex. Alot of shit is said about it from people who don't even live here. First of all, let me begin by saying that really the only "rich" part of Plano is the area in between George Bush Tollway, Dallas North tollway, Windhaven Parkway, and Preston Road, which only makes up for about 1/6 of the city as a whole. However, once you pass Coit road going west, you will definitely notice a change in atmosphere. Even then it's not rich, if you want to see rich go to Beverly Hills. And there are actually many low-income government housing projects in the Plano West attendance zone. Plano is also known for its abundance of movie theatres, such as the Cinemark Legacy, Tinseltown, the Angelika, the Movies 10 dollar theatre (YES! a DOLLAR THEATRE in PLANO!!! AREN'T YOU SHOCKED????) and the Studio Movie Grill. I really can't think of a place I'd rather live, but maybe because I've lived here about 95% of my life
Plano, TX sure is fine and dandy.
بواسطة aj1023 نوفمبر/تشرين الثّاني 11, 2006
Plano, Texas:

A city that is sometimes thought of as "all of America summarized into one city." In this city, there are at least 20 people from each region of the planet. The crime rate in Plano is usually minimal, however drug abuse occured often in the 90's. In the early 90's and late 80's Plano was a large town with few shopping centers and malls, until a building boom in the mid-90's occured.

Plano is often divided by young citizens, the West side and the East (also known as downtown Plano, or more crudely, the Ghetto- it is not very poor, however it isn't as new.) The West Side has more money per capita than the East side. East Planoites (usually of teenager age) describe West Planoites as snobby, rich bitches, spoiled, bored, and potheads. People from outside of Plano say such things about Plano, usually because they don't have anything better to do or they used to live there and got treated poorly.

Plano is also often known as unique or diverse. Most of the defintions of Plano on Urban Dictionary are hateful and poorly written, or completely opinionized. The best resource for info on Plano, historically and presently, is Wikipedia.
I live in Plano, and go to school at Plano West. A lot of people from East Plano and outside of Plano say cruel things to me or about me because of where I live; but their stereotypes are based off of people under the age of 18- I believe that wherever you go in America teenagers will be immature, inconsiderate, and/or rude, and that people who judge a city off of it's children are immature, too.
بواسطة Colin E. يوليو/تمُّوز 13, 2006
also a hotbed of single chicks fucking married men.
hey, did you hear robin is fucking lawrence (name change)
of Plano. that fat fucker is even inviting her to the neighborhood easter egg hunt.
بواسطة i know what your doing إبريل/نَيْسان 27, 2006
Suburb of Dallas, Texas. We're pretty diverse.

You got the minorities in the east who beat/shoot each other up.

You got the middle class mixture in the center of the city who is high on pot.

Then you've got the snobbily rich white kids in the west who are high on heroine.
That's the truth. Trust me, I live here. Don't pay attention to any stupid MTV documentary.
بواسطة Kevin إبريل/نَيْسان 17, 2005
A city in Texas with tons of rich kids and Asians. Also the heroin capital of the world.
I'm moving to Plano.
بواسطة P-Diss مارس/آذَار 27, 2005
Place you want to complain about when you have no life, home, or friends.
I'm going to bash Plano because I'm a puss who will have no rammifications for what I say on the internet!
بواسطة anonyMOOSE نوفمبر/تشرين الثّاني 3, 2004
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