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the joy of farming.
saluting a farmer.
what you say instinctively when you see a tractor on the road.
dude 1 : "ooh arr"
dude 2 : "wtf"
dude 1 : "dude its a tractor!"
dude 2 : "OOH ARR!"
بواسطة 1337 نوفمبر 11, 2003
oh yes
بواسطة Anonymous اغسطس 1, 2003
any thing and everything
oh look at that!! thats proper ooh arr it is
بواسطة PYRO نوفمبر 29, 2004
Cornish Farmer Speak, for Who are you
Ooh arr ya? Git orf moy lan'
بواسطة Anonymous يونيو 17, 2003
Mork's laugh.
بواسطة Anonymous يونيو 18, 2003

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