movie co-starring jack black
Jack Black's character "'she was like i hate my job, i'm gonna burn this mother down' and i was like 'you better not!'"
بواسطة shern يوليو/تمُّوز 27, 2004
O'Charleys (the restaurent)
last night we ate at OC
بواسطة mkayyy أغسطس/آب 23, 2006
of course
oc you're an idiot!
بواسطة kooshball أغسطس/آب 15, 2003
ocean citey maryland where all the girl go to get drunk and have sex with me!
man last time i went to oc i was so trashed i woke up and this chick i slept wiht pissed the bed!
بواسطة mark إبريل/نَيْسان 8, 2004
the best show ever
the oc on fox wed. nights is the best show ever
بواسطة jenna إبريل/نَيْسان 14, 2004
1. The Best Show ever on FOX
2. Orange County, California, The REAL OC.
Orange County is a largly Republican Area of Southern California.

Disneyland is in Orange County.
بواسطة eMiLy <3 مايو/أيار 19, 2004
premature ejaculation, that is, to cum "Out (of) Cunt"
I was in such a hurry with her that I OC'd.
بواسطة Jake مارس/آذَار 24, 2004

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