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Stands for No Aparent Response

When somebody says, or does, something that is so stupid you can't believe they even said or did it.
Jill: Remind me to take December, 31st off. I don't want to work on Christmas Eve this year.

John: NAR!!!
بواسطة Hawkchops سبتمبر/أيلول 19, 2011
a word that people from Louisiana with blind dogs say when they are upset or cranky with the world and their best friends.
"Hey eric what are we doing tonight?"
"I dunno bastard i gotta go feed mah blind dog narrrs."

"Hey eric, how was your day?"
"Ehhh NARS!!"
"Ok cya later"
بواسطة Eric Meyers مايو/أيار 12, 2004
short for gnarly.
did you catch that nar episode of barney?
بواسطة long dong silvers فبراير/شباط 18, 2004
How British people say no.
Nar, not that one!!
بواسطة SwastikaManureMcBallsucker مايو/أيار 15, 2016
1. An outcry of randomness.
2. An exclamation used in place of another word.
3. One who says or understands Nar.
1. NAR!
2. I'll nar you to nar!
3. I am a nar type person.
بواسطة Blizzleair يوليو/تمُّوز 14, 2003
Nar used by pirates and wanna' be pirates. Also known as the negation of yar
Do you fancy men Long John? Nar.
بواسطة Bijou إبريل/نَيْسان 22, 2004
An exclamation used when chasing a squirrel.
*sees squirrel* "NAR!"
بواسطة w00tness فبراير/شباط 10, 2007
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