Large, Defined outline of the male/female package.
"Hey, you walkin, trim up that moose-knuckle!"
بواسطة Radar مارس/آذَار 15, 2004
bearded clam
punani in full effect
بواسطة wendy ديسمبر/كانون الأَوّل 15, 2003
see camel-toe
بواسطة Herb N. Dictionary أكتوبر/تشرين الأوّل 20, 2002
Rather large vaginal lips that hunger/feed off of panties and denim crotch.
Damnit, I wanna lick her Moose-Knuckle!
بواسطة daytripa مايو/أيار 1, 2003
Bush's pathetic padded pelvic package at the aircraft carrier landing.
There were so many sox stuffed into his crotch that his moose-knuckle made it difficult for him to walk around it.
بواسطة Renee مايو/أيار 11, 2003
An unusually large pussy that has little elasticity from being fucked to much, and rears its ugly head in tight apparel like yoga pants.
That chicks Pussy was so big that in her yoga pants at the gym she didn't have a camel toe, she had a moose knuckle.
بواسطة Feddisan مارس/آذَار 12, 2016
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