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an extreme douchebag.
"after what Sasuke did at the watterfall, he gains McDouche Status"

"Wow you are such a McDouche"
بواسطة yinchi ابريل 7, 2006
An individual who refers to any fast food product as "Mc" something.
Dude, that's just a coffee not a McCafe! Stop being such a Mcdouche.
بواسطة GenC Tech Pubs نوفمبر 20, 2009
An extreme douche face.
Shut up, McDouche!
بواسطة David Hinckley ابريل 22, 2003
Such a large douche that BILLIONS have been served!
UG!! He is SUCH a McDouche!!
بواسطة HolyChikin يوليو 30, 2009
The female equivalent of McGina.
The many uses of beef patties...
بواسطة AnalSpittoon ديسمبر 22, 2004

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