A male prostitute, or a man that moves from lady to lady.
Keydrin: God, Brandon still wants me and he has a girlfriend!
Celie: Brandon is such a man-whore.
بواسطة celie! :D فبراير 12, 2009
1. A man who has various sexual relations with random people 2. Nick Romano 3. A man who is paid (usually with pineapples) for sexual deeds
Ketchup monster with paperclip eyebrows and the world's largest beanie baby collection, is known as a manwhore
بواسطة robisthegoddamnman اغسطس 31, 2008
Boi who prostitutes himself out to women cause he's too lazy to get a real job and be a man. Also looks like the back of some ninth graders binder.
Girl1: I heard you were seeing someone.
Girl2: Not really we're just friends. In other words he's my my manwhore rather.
بواسطة Youknow frank sanatra he'sdead يونيو 29, 2010
male counterpart of a whore
mad boyfriend:you slept with him!!??!
satisfied girlfriend:what can i say hes a man-whore
بواسطة kevin innuendo مايو 16, 2010
Anthony Thorn
Man, that Anthony Thorn sure is a manwhore!
بواسطة olivegardenftw! مايو 9, 2010
kevo is a man whore
kev's a manwhore
بواسطة merchelo مارس 11, 2003
a man who is sleeping with a ton of women... like sam...
sam is a man-whore...
بواسطة brandonborgens ديسمبر 21, 2007

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