It is a man smelling candle.
The mountain pine candle is a mandle because it is man smelling.
بواسطة depundrcvr ديسمبر 27, 2009
The action of management handling a situation as to control spin.
Management didn't want to provide the real reasons for Mary's departure, instead it was mandled without incident.
بواسطة D'arc S'narc مايو 1, 2009
To rough someone up; Man-handle
"Eric was giving me shit, so I mandled that motherfucker"
"Jesus, McNabb really got MANDLED on that play"
بواسطة Jord421 نوفمبر 5, 2007
A beloved close male friend.
Hey Tony, I love you Mandle
بواسطة Kris Carney ابريل 10, 2008
mandle, meaning to be a pwner and or owner, tom wants to be a madle
tom: "hi i want to be a mandle"
gordon: "behind my back a-hole"
بواسطة mandlelover يناير 2, 2005
when a guy wears sandles!! EWW

Johnny wore mandles yesterday
بواسطة Maybelline يوليو 13, 2005
"Man handles" i.e. when a fat man's rolls on his sides make for handles you can grab onto.
Jeff finished eating his greasy KFC before I grabbed his mandles.
بواسطة captain kirks number 2 bowl اكتوبر 12, 2005

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