This word is actually Dutch! It means fun, pleasure...
It also stands for "laughing out loud" but that's the language for noobs, who are playing games over the internet...
Dutch: Wanneer ik bij mijn vrienden ben, hebben we veel lol
English: When I'm with my friends, we have lots a fun

بواسطة vital يوليو 8, 2006
short for both "laugh out loud" and "lots of love" but has often become strangely combined to something like "laughs of love" a basic symbol of affection towards friends. Often used in a reply to a typical remark of friend that makes you laugh or smile because it is exactly what they are like.
person1: and then the cream came flying out of the fridge and covered me but not her
person2: lol
بواسطة Toriiiiia ديسمبر 20, 2005
The computer slang for Lots Of Laughs or Laughing Out Lout.
A: What is 2+2?
B: I don't know!
بواسطة Lil'D2nd اكتوبر 5, 2005
Word or acronym used when a person has nothing to say or to continue the conversation.
XxWaNnaBEeLoseR: Dude, there is nothing to do..
XxWaNnaBEeLoseR:for sure...
بواسطة InfamousJesteR اغسطس 23, 2005
lol can mean 2 things.
One is the famous 'laugh out loud'
The second is the one not many people know of, this is 'lots of love'
1. " It's fun to try lol!"
2. " I'm sending you lol"
بواسطة Phil (terrorist zero) اغسطس 21, 2005
lol is short for laugh out loud or lots of laughs. it is meant to be used when typing and the one person says something funny or when there is a sileint moment and you cant think of anything else to say.
loser-did you go to jakes last night?
weirdo-oh yeah
loser what did you guys do? lol
weirdo- thats for me to know lol
بواسطة angielynn يونيو 20, 2005
Lots of Love
(unlike the usual - "laugh out loud")
Awww,how sweet. LoL to you!!!
بواسطة Franchesca (DM) مايو 20, 2005

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