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a "nigga" of arabic descent; an arabic gangster.
That Ligga is straight out of Iraq.
بواسطة DLMAN يوليو 11, 2008
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A lying nigga
He said he was going to pay me back but he didn't. So I called him a ligga.
بواسطة AnimeThug ابريل 3, 2015
a chinese nigga
ayye ligga lets go run some ball
بواسطة bvng bvng يوليو 16, 2014
Lazy ass nigga
You dont do shit yous a ligga
بواسطة LEPPY057 اغسطس 6, 2009
ligga is a lighter skinned black person so not all black not all white but anyone can use it not just black people but anyone of any race
dang look at dat girl she ain't white or black shes just a ligga
بواسطة ghettohoodman03 مارس 12, 2006
a Latin nigga.

a latin person that is influenced by urban, hip-hop culture.
#1: hola, como estas?
#2: oh, you ligga!
بواسطة humans are scary يوليو 28, 2006
A small kid; a gangster child.
"Little Nigga" - Ligga.
Damn, that ligga is young.
بواسطة mkerber ديسمبر 27, 2003

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