To describe a very good looking New York Guido.
Wow that guy sure is juicy!
بواسطة Brad مارس 21, 2004
a) (adj): a sexually promiscuous teen girl who wears nothing but juicy couture clothing

b) (noun): a big boner that a guy has simply because a juicy walks by
a juicy in definition a) will often be arrogant and self-important enough to look down upon any other juicy teen females who don't wear juicy couture clothing.
بواسطة sexydimma فبراير 23, 2015
Just another word for describing something as good. Something that you really like.
Omgzz zac efron is well juicy
بواسطة Tyrer the tiger فبراير 6, 2009
Something being really cool!
Dude that guy is so juicy. Id tap that!
بواسطة poo696969696 مايو 31, 2006
to have juice... -see juice
this orange is so juicy
بواسطة Barbie0822 يوليو 25, 2005
noun: the female member, aka: the vagina
Her juicy was tight as shit.
بواسطة Dee نوفمبر 11, 2003
cool, awesome
"I got a juicy new pair of shades that let me scoop out all the doddage without gettin' busted."
بواسطة Yerma Suckscaw يناير 24, 2003

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