gorgeous.talented.incredibly deep and beautiful person, inside and out.
can take any character and make it into something no one else could...deserves a whole PILE of oscars!
بواسطة Jade اغسطس 12, 2004
Ruined pirates forever
Man, pirates used to be cool, then Johnny Depp came along and made them all gay. Way to go, asshole
بواسطة Dillon Farnum يناير 16, 2005
the man that every girl would masterbate because of.
Johnny Depp makes every girl horny.
بواسطة youwilleatit اغسطس 26, 2007
Hot, gorgeous, sexy, hilarious and most of all the best actor of all time.
"Why is the Rum gone?"
-Johnny Depp
P>S: It's not eyeliner he's wearing on POTC, it's coal all you dumb fucks who say it's eyeliner.
بواسطة kikken_yo_ass اكتوبر 27, 2003
Johnny is really fuckable!
بواسطة roserdozer سبتمبر 17, 2003
da big PIMP DADDY!!!
(he is very very very hot)
بواسطة iheartjohnnydepp مارس 31, 2004
talented, sexy, old but cool
I could do Johnny Depp!
بواسطة Isabelle نوفمبر 5, 2003

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