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Common name for males of hispanic origin. They say that people caring the name Javier are often honest and flirty. Nick for this name; Javi.
Random Friend: Oye Javi, lets go and get some bitches!
Javier: Yeah, sure ese.
بواسطة El Jackal يونيو/حَزيران 20, 2006
the best man you will ever meet. nice and attractive. tall and handsome. the greatest sex you will ever have. usually a Mexican devoted to work.
"oh. what a javier."
بواسطة Harry Nuts مايو/أيار 19, 2008
Name given to men/boys of hispanic or latin descent. Usually sporty and good fighters (2000 major boxers with name, Javier), but on the other hand are very kind and nice to women. Usually get a lot of girls, and fight a lot of boys, but still have lots of friends, and are more likely to be a person who you'll remember from multiple child-hood memories. But in conclusion, to be a "Javier" you have to be a leader, and ignore people who will get you nowhere.
Friend: Aye, Javier you see those mujeres over there
Javier: Ese, I hit that last week
Friend: Orale, Ese, hook me up vato
بواسطة jus another Cubano مارس/آذَار 28, 2010
A guy, who is very friendly and very sweet. He may look like an angle but he flirts like the devil. He remembers everything and can read the people he cares about like a book. He'll be your best friend, hold you close and tell you it'll be okay if you need him to. He is an amazing guy so if your with him, keep him and never let him go, because.... well you'll find out if you screw up.
Javier is sweet kind flirt
بواسطة loveyouhateyoumissyou مايو/أيار 29, 2012
A very attractive male in that is Hard working, loving and respectful. He is a player, but thats because he is marvelous in bed!. He has a major love for his mother and no one matters to him more than her to him. She is his everything and always will be. A javier is scared to fall for a certain Maria, but that maria has already fallen head over heals for him. She loves him with all her heart and that is because he has helped her become this better person that no one else could ever do. He is the only one that passes through her mind, and He is all that she wants. A javier has a problem with trust, but He has nothing to worry about... that maria is reall....! she is all yours
June 5, 2009 was the day that Javier Changed my life. !
بواسطة BellaBuzz أكتوبر/تشرين الأوّل 12, 2010
Highly multidimensional guy with many facets. He can be a tough-headed beast doing reps on the bars one second, and then make a girl feel like a princess the next. A little flirty, but always honest, and a great deal stronger than he believes. He may not always see the good in himself, yet everyone else can see it clearly. Some days he deserves a good slap upside the back of his head, but usually, all he needs is a hug. A Javier is a lot of fun and easy to get along with, though he is very set in his beliefs where it counts. Half devil, half angel, and completely amazing.
Javier is a good guy that you don't wanna mess with, EVER. Get to know him, and you'll either love him with all your heart, or else you'll run screaming for the hills... It all depends on your own assholery.
بواسطة TrackerElf;) يناير/كانون الثّاني 6, 2013
Javier is the cutest guy in the world, his girlfriend marie loves him so much, he's fantastic in bed, and an amzing kisser, He definitely knows how to turn a girl on. if you have a javier never let him go, he the greatest boyfriend ever. He loves his girlfriends and would do anything for them. He always knows what to say to make a girl smile, hes incredibly charming, parents love him, hes athletic especially at football. He has a wonderful body especially his arms and abs. He knows how to have a good time and has a great personality.
Girl 1- Your dating a javier?
Girl 2- yes
Girl 1- Im sooooo jealous
بواسطة germanmonkey85431 أكتوبر/تشرين الأوّل 15, 2011
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