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Going Kanye

def 1: The act or acts of putting a grimy bitch yo boi want to bang on da spot and tellin her off to the point she starts to cry. If done properly 'Going Kanye' can set a bitch straight.

def 2. Interrupting someone to tell them they shit is aight but someone else did the same thing better.
ex 1.

You "Yo bitch! why you fuckin round wit all these otha niggas when my boi is straight up vibing you? You aint shit hoe! who da fuck are you to be fuckin round wit all these fake ass niggas when all you need is my boi!? Wise da fuck up hoe!"

Yo Boi "Thanks for going kanye on dat bitch it set her ass straight"

ex 2.

“Taylor, I’m really happy for you. I’ll let you finish, but Beyonce had one of the best videos of all time! One of the best videos of all time!”
بواسطة Nicole & Lauren ديسمبر/كانون الأَوّل 9, 2009
A name for an outrageous moment stealing outburst inspired by Kanye West interrupting Taylor Swift’s acceptance speech for best female video at the 2009 MTV VMA’s.
Girl 1- Did you see the youtube video kay took of the talent show??

Girl 2- No what happened?

Girl 1- she got a whole video of Tom totally Going Kanye when they announced that the winner was that hair dancing group…………
بواسطة Shady4 سبتمبر/أيلول 17, 2009
"Going Kanye" describes the act of basking in ones own glory, to the point of self destruction, much like how Kanye West lives his life.
Trevor was going Kanye when he got his head stuck in the doorway.

Scott went Kayne and didn't notice the train hurtling towards him.
بواسطة TehWillum أكتوبر/تشرين الأوّل 23, 2014
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