The best girl for any guy, even the one's who aren't big gamers. She's not high maintenance, she's happy just sittin at home with you teamin up and playin some Call of Duty together. The best part is that she won't get mad at you for playing games too long. She will actually listen to what you say and will actually be interested in it, especially when you're talking about the first time you got a nuke because she appreciates a good story. She isn't shallow and won't play you because she's had it done to her a million times before cause other guys don't like how non-girly she is. This doesn't mean she's ugly though. All girls can look pretty when they try, so don't pre judge a girl who enjoys a good game of cod.
Hey ya wanna go to the movies tonight with me and my girl?

Nah, the girl and i are just gonna stay home and play some Call of Duty together.

You're girlfriend is a gamer girl ? whoa, i want one. my girlfriend hates Call of Duty.
بواسطة Sami Turner ابريل 18, 2010
Female who enjoys playing video games. She varies little from the average gamer, though she may be less likely to communicate verbally to ward off advances or other unpleasant speech of the male gamer. She can be found playing any game genre on any platform. It is possible to have played with/against several dozen or more gamer girls per day without your knowledge and can be just as "hardcore" or "noobish" as the next guy.

The gamer girl can vary in age and maturity from the cashier at your local grocery store, to the milf down the street, or even the CFO of a large company. Many times, she will be playing from her college dorm before heading off to go to classes or the party her boyfriend is throwing.
Guy1: OMG! I just got owned by that guy.
Guy2: That's my sister. She's a gamer girl.
Sister: No, you can't have my number.
Guy1: But, but, but..
Sister: No, I won't send you my picture either.
Guy2: Own'd
بواسطة omgwtfbqqlolz اكتوبر 10, 2010
A girl who plays video games in order to get attention. They can often be seen playing Call of Duty talking about how much of a "nerd" they are, taking slutty pictures of themselves while holding a controller, and just generally being attention whores.

Please note, that not all girls who play video games are Gamer Girls. There are genuine female gamers play video games because they actually enjoy gaming. Just the ones who play nothing but Call of Duty and act like attention whores are Gamer Girls. Often spelled Gamer Gurl.
Gamer Girl: lol im playing cod right now. im such a nerd lolol

Real gamer: No you're not. You're just an attention whore holding a controller.
بواسطة iduncurr سبتمبر 4, 2013
Not to be confused with a gamer who is a girl.

A gamer girl is a girl who enjoys playing video games for attention. They can be seen taking full body pictures of themselves with their controllers. They tend to use the words nerd and geek when describing themselves. They think that they are unique for being a girl who plays video games.

If you are playing online multi-player and another player says something along the lines of "Go easy on me, I'm a girl and this is my first time playing this game," chances are they are a gamer girl.

Gamer girls feel the need to point out that they are girls.
Jax: Why don't you date Catherine? I heard she's a total gamer girl!
Matt: Have you seen her pictures online? She's a gamer girl, not a girl who plays video games.
Jax: So?
Matt: I don't want to date a fake gamer. She has to be able to keep up with me.
بواسطة youngbloodedidiot يناير 21, 2014
a whore who takes pictures of herself in gaming accessories or gaming related items such as low cut zelda shirts, poke bras, etc.
*girl holding an N64 controller"
OMG I'm such a nerd #gamer girl
بواسطة Arealgamer يونيو 30, 2013
n. Lie, usually used to bait people into giving wads of cash and valuable items to said con master. May backfire on user and cause frequent unsolicited demands on culinary experience, specifically in making sandwiches.

See also cake.
~Gamergirl_F0xxYB0t has logged in~
N3v3rbeenl4id: Hei Gamer girl, wnna check out my rod,hehe
D4rk3vilL0rd: I haz cash, come to castle
Tr00lMeister: Make me a sammich!
Grammarnassi: Guys, it's obviously a dude...
F0xxygirlB0t : I can has armor? ;3
N3v3rbeenl4id: OMG YES
D4rk3vilL0rd: WAT KIND?
Tr00lMeister: SANDWICH!
Tr00lMeister: SANDWICH!
Tr00lMeister: SANDWICH!
بواسطة skreeonk ديسمبر 12, 2014
A nerd or gamer who is female and a billion times more desirable than any other woman.
Jasmine was tall, with long dark hair that curled into ringlets at the tips, soft dark skin, and blazing emerald eyes. She wore a creeper hoodie, a homestuck t-shirt, a Pokemon necklace, a portal backpack, skinny jeans, and red sneakers. In her free time she played X-box and confused people as to how she made the honor toll. God I wish I was her . What an awesome gamer girl.
بواسطة Bananaholic ديسمبر 20, 2013

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