The fetishization of species-wide female incompetence through reinforcement of in-group preference among females, and out-group preference among males.
Feminism is the most obvious antonym of Egalitarianism, in terms of etymology.
بواسطة DavidicLineage مايو/أيار 17, 2015
a movement that was once about equality but is now about wining about things that don't exist and video game
the feminist movement of the 1970s is not even comparible to today's feminism that is complaining about video games and movies
بواسطة dimentioditto يوليو/تمُّوز 6, 2015
a constant state of pain from losing arguments 24/7
MAN: you're looking down. Whats wrong
WOMAN: feminism
بواسطة Wilhelmisawesome500 يوليو/تمُّوز 23, 2015
The belief that women are more than men and that men should have absolutely no rights, along with a lot of other irrational and hateful "arguements". As oppose to meninism, feminism is widely accepted and man-hate is perfectly fine in todays society, all under the mask of an "equal rights" movement.
Feminist 1: Feminism is about equal rights!
Feminist 2: But we also want equal rights!
بواسطة daymx يونيو/حَزيران 2, 2015
Feminism has a diversion of meanings
A long time ago it was meant for the rights of women, being able to vote and the ability to own land.
Very quickly, though, once the rights were gained, the feminists went to getting against using masculine pronouns to tell about a group of people that could be male or female.
Those 2 were very good examples of feminism.
Though then, feminism started becoming something different. Instead of changing "he" to "them" or alike, it was then turned into "she".
Alot of feminism was then women opposing men, women deciding that they were superior to males and they were better and more perfect in many ways.
Neither is true. Women=Humans and Men=Humans. Neither have a superiority to eachother.

From the start, it was going against sexism. Now, most feminism is becoming sexism itself.
Real feminism includes both men and women, also including myself.
I believe that men and women are equal and should not be subject to sexual descrimination.
Many of the definitions on here you may see is greatly biased, as the people for feminism only focus on the good; the thought that feminism is against all types of stereotype "ism's", and the people against, only focus on examples like Germaine Greer who is by far a fake and sexist feminist, who denounces all men to be subhuman, inferiors and rapists.

Feminism in general is a great view of humanity in my opinion, but many hurt the philosophie's reputation by turning the good
A True Feminist would say that Women and men are equal, they shouldn't be sexually torn apart in any ways
Sexist feminists would say that all gender neutral pronouns should be said using feminine pronouns
Actual example:
Sexist male: Women are shit
True feminist female: No, women are equal. Sexism is bad. Don't be like that
Another example
Sexist male: Women are shit
Sexist feminist female: No, women are the best and men are shit.
Another example
Feminism believing male: Men and women are equal
Sexist feminist female: No, women are not equal to men. Men are inferior.
بواسطة Skast مارس/آذَار 3, 2014
A gift. Men are in a world where they are bombarded with media, largely pornography, that tells them that women are for one purpose: to look at and have sex with. Pornography is full of misogyny. Feminists want to make men human again; they want them to act like real human beings who think of women as real human beings too and not just as a package that is invisible without breast implants, a small waist, high heels...ect... Feminists see that men are raping women because pornography makes it seem like this is okay. Feminists see that pornography has integrated itself into our culture and American society so much that exercise classes consist of strip tease and 4 year olds are wearing mini-skirts. To clarify, this is one breed of feminism. Other feminists find pornography, an industry that puts women through miserable treatment and diseases, liberating. These other feminists find it liberating for women to fake orgasms and consistantly fulfill the desires of men.
Radical Feminism wants women to possess "power" consistantly through avenues other than sexuality. Radical Feminism wants to never have a woman's face covered in cum ever again.
بواسطة Jolie Johnson-Jacks مارس/آذَار 29, 2008
In theory: Social Movement for Equal Rights.

In practice: Social Movement for Women Privilege.

Feminism can't be criticized within reason because you're automatically sexist, misogynist and are performing hate speech, even if what you're saying makes sense.

Most feminists you'll encunter are unreasonable. They have a shield and are in defence mode. It doesn't matter what you say, you might as well point out all the inconsistencies of feminism in the world, their way of arguing is by ignoring all your points and stating or even shouting their worldview because "they are right".

Another reason why you can't reason with feminists is because it's not just ignorance but deliberate ignorance. Any feminist who would have wanted to see the truth for herself could have just googled the other side of the argument and she would have seen:
- While males don't have as much privilege as feminism states.
- Bad things feminism has done making the world an even more inequal place.
- Feminism's worldview is inaccurate and sexist.

It is important to notice that not all feminists are bad, only the majority of them are.
It is also important to notice that not all women are feminists, dispite of feminism worldview that a non-feminists woman is a victim of the patriarchy, they are just women with reason. One must only google image "I don't need feminism" to see it.

As the maker of this I might be labeled by feminists as a sexist, a women hater and stuff like that. Feminists love labels.
- Feminism fights for equal rights!

- If feminism is for equal rights, then why has feminism tried to ban peeing while standing up in Sweden or fought against female rapists being arrested, charged and convicted of rape, in India ?

- Those are feminazi, bad apples, not feminists!

- But I see them all the time, pretty much all "feminists" I see are feminazi while there's only a handful of good feminists that have little influence compared to what you would call feminazi.... And the "patriarchy"... where males have unearned privilege and all the rights they need is not even backed up by anything, workplace death is 9-1 to men, worse sentence for the same crime is 20-1 to men, homeless ratio is 4-1 to men, winner of child custody is 5-1 to women, not to mention that women can decide alone whether they want to do an abortion if they don't want the child even if it's the men's child too, but if the man doesn't want the child and the woman does he still has to pay alimony, men can't get as much as women with good looks either, where is our privilege ?


Feminism is the radical notion that women are human beings too.
Yes, we know they are. But that's not what feminism is about.

Anti-feminism is the radical notion that by taking men's rights you don't make equality.

- I don't like feminism.
- You're a women hater, sexist, alt-righter, wicked person.
بواسطة Areasonableperson يونيو/حَزيران 23, 2016
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