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Free dem titties. In other words, it's time for a show.
That girl needs to FDT if she wants to get these beads.
بواسطة TG إبريل/نَيْسان 12, 2005
fdt: Fuck Donald Trump
fdt, he wants to build a wall.
بواسطة crazy283 مايو/أيار 17, 2016
Fuck Donald Trump, A song written by YG and Nipsey Hussle. Self explanatory, Fuck Trump. Known on social media as #FDT
"Build a wall my ass! #FDT #FeelTheBern"
via giphy
بواسطة WhyisitMonday? مايو/أيار 18, 2016
(n.) Fish Drill Team- The world's most respected and elite drill and ceremonies squad on the face of the world. They train through fear and severe beatings, but the result is countless back-to-back wins on the national platform. Founded in 1947 at Texas A&M University, they have been kicking ass and taking names repeatedly. They appeared in the movie "A Few Good Men", and are in general, badass.
In FDT we make an example out of limp ass fish.
بواسطة Mister Pliego إبريل/نَيْسان 22, 2008
Fuck Damn Thing

Barbie: sorryy ken i can t go tonigt
Ken: Why Barbie
Barbie: my mom doesn t let me

Ken: FDT
بواسطة rialana17 يوليو/تمُّوز 6, 2010
fuck donald trump
did you voted donald trump?
بواسطة evri4hunnid يونيو/حَزيران 24, 2016
Fuck Donald Trump
FDT he's the most ignorant racist person ever
بواسطة Mr get dough يونيو/حَزيران 27, 2016
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