Probably the only band in the history who can write 30+ minute songs that people will actually listen to.
Guy: "Dude, are you done listening to that Dream Theater song yet?"

Dream Theater Fan: "No, I'm only 25 minutes in."

Guy: "!!!"
بواسطة Cats in Hats & Hats in Cats ديسمبر/كانون الأَوّل 22, 2010
One of the best bands ever created - PERIOD.

Rikki Nadir is one of the people that has no taste in music, and he probably listens to all american rejects and green day. ROFL.
Me: Sup rikki!!! That dream theater concert was amazing!
Rikki Nadir: Dream theater sucks d00d! I'm retarted and love all american rejects and green day.
Me: I'm going to kick your ass.
بواسطة ROFL ROfl OMg ROFL ROFL gg rofl pwnt! ديسمبر/كانون الأَوّل 2, 2006
Dream Theater is a progressive rock band whose career has spanned for nearly three decades. The band are known for their excessively long track durations (with the track "Six Degrees of Inner Turbulence" lasting 42 minutes) as well as incredibly complex melodic compositions that often feature the duelling of guitars and keyboards during lengthy complicated solos.

Vocalist James LaBrie has one of the highest – and varied – vocal ranges for a male within the genre which ranges from a ‘chesty low’ sound all the way to a strict soprano sound – E♭2-B♭5 (-B5) to be exact – he has sustained his range over the years despite two vocal injuries.

Guitarist John Petrucci is often cited as one of the world’s top 10 and ranked 6th in Guitar World’s “best shredders” list next to the likes of Paul Gilbert.

Bassist John Myung is known as the shy Asian dude with spider-leg-like fingers – in 2010, Music Radar bestowed Myung as the greatest bassist of all time.

Keyboardist Jordan Rudess has performed and recorded with David Bowie as well as British rock legends UFO’s Vinnie Moore.

Drummer Mike Mangini has worked with Steve Vai, Extreme and even appeared on the Discovery Channel show Time Warp, displaying his drum skills for high speed cameras. He currently holds 5 world records – one including the fastest drum solo without the use of sticks (meaning bare hands). His utmost documented honour of 1200 single strokes in 60 seconds is featured in the Guinness Book of Records.
Guy 1: No way man, Travis Barker and the guys from Slipknot are the greatest musicians of all time!

Guy 2: Pfft! Hardly - let's see them play Dream Theater] sets!
بواسطة KSAC نوفمبر/تشرين الثّاني 2, 2012
A band so great that haters feel the need to go out of their way to put them down. This effort, however great, ultimately fails due to the sheer awesomeness emanating from each song of glory.
Hater: Dream Theater sux, dnt listen 2 them man

Non-hater: Dude, why are you even watching this video if you hate them so much? Go get a life
بواسطة Hater McHaterson ديسمبر/كانون الأَوّل 6, 2011
The songwriters of Dream Theater are up there with the lyrical talent of Bob Dylan, while their melodies remind you of the catchiness of The Beatles.
With a late-night vibe that is similar to that of Tom waits and "Kind of blue" era Miles Davis (but more "pure") they produce a type of "roots" music that is so authentic and honest that it would even turn "The Band" and Hank Williams into musical liars. Their guitar solos are raw and heartfelt and have a brilliant sing-along factor to them because of the "less is more" attitude of Petrucci's playing: they stick with you for the rest of your days: You won't get rid of his well chosen notes.
The average DT fan is a charismatic jazz-cat with a great love for for things that are "real" in life. Surrounded by "James Dean-cool" they hate sience fiction, mathematics and digital. They are extremely popular with the ladies because of their romantic urge and their ability to play "Dream Theater songs" on the piano for the girl by moonlight...
Taken from Jack Kerouac's "On the Road": "Rawlins and I decided to sharp up for the big night. "latch on to some of these towels and razors and we'll spruce up a bit. Let's dig some dream theater and check out some cute dolls..."

Bob Dylan on Dream Theater: The first time I heard Dream Theater on AM radio back in '56, I knew that I would never work for the man..."
بواسطة Hans Hitmachine أغسطس/آب 26, 2005
Utter crap. Bombastic nonsense from a bunch of guys that raided Fabio's wardrobe, Queen's (or think Angel crossed with ELP) sense of restraint, warmed over Vai/Satriani riffing, served up with an overdose of ultra-seriousness. A must for all to avoid.
Dream Theater are boring pseuds.
بواسطة Rikki Nadir أكتوبر/تشرين الأوّل 12, 2005

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