Sonny is a big fat gay fucking dick head
بواسطة your gran ابريل 4, 2003
Desman mayne
Des is such a dick and he sucks cocks
بواسطة des مارس 13, 2003
1) Simon Matthews
2) a nobber
You are a dick head
بواسطة Scally مارس 5, 2003
One who's head resembles a penis.
That neo-nazi over there is a dickhead.
بواسطة GoodfellaSnoop اكتوبر 31, 2004
someone who's head looks like a dick(COCK), Especially if there BALD!

Or dickface as they said in the 80's
You, maybe if you're BALD!!! LOL
بواسطة hexaGonmaN ابريل 28, 2004
A word which chavs use when they can't understand your insults.
"Fail, faggot."
بواسطة smige مارس 5, 2005
a person that pisses me off in traffic
Did u see that dickhead cut me off?
بواسطة Connie يونيو 23, 2003

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