A group started by raymond washington to emulate the black panthers it initially stood for community revolutionary inner party system. Before it became a gang that was set to protect the african american community from the government and know ironiclly kills alot of those the wanted to protect.
guy 1: The crips always been a hardcore gang.
guy 2: nah dumbass they started off as a revolutionary group but settled for committing crimes
بواسطة gxninja مايو/أيار 10, 2008
A derogatory term, short for "cripple", i.e, a disabled person.
Disabled guy: "Yes hello, does your store have an elevator, I'd like to reach the 2nd floor please"
Clerk: "Hold on one second please sir"
Clerk (to colleague): "Hey, is the elevator working? That crip wants to get to menswear"
بواسطة Deluded_or_summat مارس/آذَار 21, 2007
community revolution in progress
K~SWISS fuCC all pussy ass slobs yall bitches aint shit and dats real cuzz!!!! GSB-rep wit dat blue flag till im gone!!!! blue all true and red always end up dead!!!!
بواسطة _GHOST_ فبراير/شباط 14, 2005
Memeber of the Blue clothes wearing urban street gang
Man it's hard to find a Crip
بواسطة Redrum ديسمبر/كانون الأَوّل 8, 2002
meaning marijuan or something mean
damn thats a crip sack
بواسطة kauai boi فبراير/شباط 24, 2003
Sensemilla marijuana.
Yo son, you wanna match on some crip?
بواسطة anonymous ديسمبر/كانون الأَوّل 11, 2003
A cripple
I just pushed a crip down a flight of stairs...
بواسطة Cum Guzzler ديسمبر/كانون الأَوّل 24, 2003
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