The Most Ghetto-est City you will ever see in your god forbidden life.
Compton (CPT)
بواسطة Blood piru set يونيو/حَزيران 30, 2009
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The slums outside of L.A. This area is very poor and revolves around gang violence, sex and drug dealing. Compton has produced famous rap artist such as Dr. Dre, IceCube and The Game
The Game was shot when a drug deal went bad in Compton before he became a rapper
بواسطة bo فبراير/شباط 19, 2005
Compton is like the ocean. It's real pretty, but anytime anything can happen. The city has two major gangfactions : Southside Crips (SSC) who reside around Alondra Boulevard and intersection Avalon Blvd; And Piru Bloods in the North East section of Compton, just below Lynwood. Other sets include Leuders Park Piru, Elm Lane Piru, Kelly Park Crips, Compton Varrio 70's, Compton Varrio Largos, and the Varrio Alondra's. Murders peaked at an all time high in 1994 with 90 homicides, making it the third most dangerous city per capita in the USA. Between the years 1985 to May 2006, there have been 1397 murders in Compton, most of which are gang/drug related and involve young Black/Hispanic men between the 15-29 age bracket. A young Black male, is 25 times more likely to die from homicide compared to a White male of the same age living in the city. Despite popular misconceptions, the people of Compton are on the whole friendly and welcoming, and do not all deal drugs and gang bang which has been so cunningly potrayed in the bullshit corporate machine. Anytime you come into Compton, you will immediately sense a strong Community Spirit and kinship amongst its people which you wouldn't find in a White gated community in some Californian suburb out in the hills.

"Stop the Violence, Increase the Peace."

Gone but not Forgotten...

O.J.(1979 - 1996)
Sly Dee.(1987 - 2005)
Lil Curb aka Kayon Williams.(1985-1999)
Marvin R. (1982 - 2005)

- R.I.P
The Game is from Compton but he was never serious about his Blood affiliation until he made a record.
بواسطة J. T أغسطس/آب 17, 2006
A dangerous small city outside of Los Angeles,California. Compton has a lot of known gangs,drug dealers,pimps,prostitutes. The police basicly gave up patrolling and cleaning the city up. A lot of famous rapstars came from Compton like NWA and The Game.
Compton is sooo hood and gangsta.
بواسطة GAME50 أكتوبر/تشرين الأوّل 27, 2005
1. city in California
2. Popularized by NWA
Comptons the shit nigga!
"im comin straight outta compton"
بواسطة Peter Russell مارس/آذَار 9, 2005
City outside of Los Angeles. Populated by gangsters, pimps, and rappers. Cops dont go there any more. Good Luck in Compton.
Guy:Cops help me!
Cop: sorry ur in compton. there's nothing i can do.
~end of message~
بواسطة kkkobe يونيو/حَزيران 30, 2006
a city in california
that niggas straight out a compton
بواسطة danny-g مارس/آذَار 5, 2005
A nice looking city outside of LA, overpopulated by wangsters who kill people because they didnt wear the same color as them, and who walk around with bandanas covering there faces cuz they think it makes them bad ass. They act hardcore when they are in big groups or have guns on them, but when alone they are about as tough as the average person. most end up dead or in jail fighting for something that is meaningless when all those people could all just stop the bullshit get along. as a result of there wangster lifestyles, most kids in compton end up having no futures at all.
بواسطة tikwah سبتمبر/أيلول 9, 2009
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