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Ukrainian noble family name. Denotes hands-on approach, knowledge and helpfulness.
When in doubt, ask chernyak as he knows how.
بواسطة Slava Dobrolud مايو 30, 2007
Is not a jew. See pritish
He is a buddhist Monk
بواسطة dasjfa ابريل 8, 2003

Used in Russian, a word depicting a no hoper ie. drug addict and squatter.
Damn that fool spends all his time and money on smack and blow and wants to crash at my place tonight, he is a real Chernyak!
بواسطة Bob the builder and his anal plug مارس 7, 2006
Has a cruch on Adrienne
بواسطة youlneverknowwho ابريل 8, 2003

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