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Another word for bitch. Can be used to call a friend.
1. You f**kin beotch. (insult)

2. What up beotch. (friends)
بواسطة NUKKA1 سبتمبر/أيلول 26, 2003
also means "bitch"
P Diddy is a beotch.
بواسطة Anonymous إبريل/نَيْسان 12, 2003
A word made up by minorities in a time when speech impediments and making up words was cool.
Beotch, whaddya smoking?
#bitch #hoe #skank #slut #chicken head #crack hoe
بواسطة Scandalous سبتمبر/أيلول 23, 2005
slang for bitch
stephanie sanders
بواسطة Griffin Cash يناير/كانون الثّاني 27, 2004
describes a person who is either your close friend or infact a beotch.
hey beotch! your like so good at make up!

hey beotch. i hate you.
#beotch #makeup #good #like #your
بواسطة Saggatoriustitactagrandmemah مارس/آذَار 19, 2009 means good game in sweet latvia...
"beotch yesterday!"

as heard in the movie bench warmers
#bitch #nerd #dog #bench #warmers
بواسطة bazookaman فبراير/شباط 29, 2012
Another, more PG rated, way to say bitch. Sometimes used jokingly for a girls bestest friend.
sally: "hey girl hey!"
anne: "hey be-otch!"

anne: "i have to go now"
sally: "ok bye, love you be-otch!"
#beotch #be otch #bitch #b'otch #bitchy
بواسطة ilsicnasty<3 مارس/آذَار 27, 2010
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