Battery Operated Boyfriend - A vibrator
Suzanne had given up on men. Rather than become a dyke, she settled for a B.O.B.
بواسطة Typus مايو 31, 2005
Bombs Over Bahgdad

Theme music for the Bush 2004 re-election campaign.
Vote for Al Sharpton
بواسطة teh best evar يناير 12, 2004
"Battery Operated Boyfriend"
A term used to describe a vibrating dildo or other device used to pleasure a woman's self
See also E.D.
"He started the night but I think B.O.B. will end it for me."

"Ooo girl! I had a threesome last night with B.O.B. and E.D.!"
بواسطة PhoenixXx69 مايو 31, 2005
Rapper from the ATL whose top song is I'll Be in the Sky
B.o.B. really knows how to spit some lyrics
بواسطة MVM08 فبراير 5, 2009
"Bombs Over Bahgdad" A song by Outkast on the Stankonia album. Perhaps a reference to American foreign policy.
Man, Stankonia is a great album, that track B.O.B. is jammin'!
بواسطة Krusty K اكتوبر 31, 2003
B.O.B Short for battery operated boyfriend.

A ladies best friend when its all she can get or hers is away.
What ya doing tonight trace? Oh im having a night in with B.O.B.
بواسطة bob mc bob مايو 31, 2005
Bob, a slow moving suburban creature, usually horrible behind the wheel of an automobile. Gay men are extremely attracted to Bob's and have even created the nickname, "bear" after his stocky, hairy physical appearance. Also, they usually don't own belts of any sort and enjoy being in public with the cracks of their asses out for the world to see. Successful and smart, they enjoy ceiling fans, and pizza slices on construction sites. You can find these Bob's wall rolling to attract the opposite sex in a night club near you!
"Bob, you're driving in three lanes, how is that even possible?!"
"Bob, pull up your pants I can see your ass hair!"
بواسطة Eat the Poo poo! ديسمبر 27, 2014

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