The answer to everything.
"How much wood could a woodchuck chuck if a woodchuck could chuck wood?"


"......Why 17?"

"It's the answer to everything."
#everything #answer #seventeen #all #always
بواسطة Shadow~Dragon فبراير/شباط 28, 2012
a sex position where the girl is laying down at the edge of a bed/couch and raises her leg whle the guy walks up stands up straight and grabs her leg and using the leg to help him hump her anally of vaginally her shape represents the 7 and him representing the 1
dude i fucked her 17 yesterday its the nicest feeling position there is damn that was a great night
#anal #sex #vagina #abstinent #no-sex #17 #69
بواسطة dr311998 يناير/كانون الثّاني 6, 2012
also known as the spread eagle position
last night i had kathy in the 17.
بواسطة amigo إبريل/نَيْسان 6, 2005
The most random number.
Pick a number. It's not really as good a random number as 17, is it?
بواسطة Tom يناير/كانون الثّاني 1, 2004
the number for the sexual position of the spread eagle,when a girl is upside down and has her legs spread so it looks like the number 17, sorta
she let me do a 17 to her!
بواسطة keith montgomery مارس/آذَار 24, 2005
17 Is the legal age to have fuckie fuckie in adelaide - south australia.
Though most little sluts give in an spread their legs befor they turn 17.
You can't go for a ride in a bitche's wet wagon till she's 17
بواسطة Disturbed مايو/أيار 5, 2004
The physical age of Edward Cullen.
Bella: How old are you?
Edward: 17.
Bella: How long have you been 17?
Edward: Awhile.
#17 #seventeen #cullen #seventene #edward cullen #age #twilight #vampire
بواسطة Pseudonymapus يوليو/تمُّوز 13, 2008
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