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sarcastic response to bad news
thrillsville (response)
بواسطة jkentos يناير 20, 2009
an invitation for sex
you wanna hop on top?
بواسطة jkentos مارس 1, 2009
The current economic crisis
More bad news today from Fall Street
بواسطة jkentos مارس 2, 2009
when something turns out bad
that's just greato potato
بواسطة jkentos مارس 1, 2009
An individual who defines their self worth by getting drunk on single malt scotch.
A single male orders top shelf spirits in a bar to comphensate for a lack of female companionship illustrating his topshelfworth.
بواسطة jkentos فبراير 14, 2009
The art if talking on and on about nothing.
My boss is starting his blabism again
بواسطة jkentos فبراير 14, 2009
A field of research envolving the science of failure
investigates cases of males living in their mothers basements.
بواسطة jkentos فبراير 14, 2009

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