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the rarest of ALL elements unexistent everywhere in today's world you'll NEVER be able to aquire some nobody has any at all it's undoable
as the chief procurator here, I've searched the net, scoured the collectors inventories boggled my mind far and wide, but struck out bro your frosted, translucent, illumuinated silk-ma~che 12vdc /12ft long stringer of dingo balls must have been made of unobtainium they're nowhere to be found damn!
بواسطة grzly فبراير/شباط 27, 2009
abrevieation of a Holi-Tard
"hey bro, your cuz is an H-Tard he don't even deserve for me to call him a 'Holi-Tard' he was dissen Rudolpg and The man in the big red suit with the white beard you know like zztops' dudes' beards A"
بواسطة grzly ديسمبر/كانون الأَوّل 23, 2009
it's that specific dazed gleam in one's eyes A rare asymptomatic behavioral condition caused by the combination of contributing factors that only (usually)take place one day a year, The biggest shopping day of the year- the Friday after Thanksgiving-.this holiday combination of eating too much turkey & stuffing and rum & eggnog the night before, then going shopping at 4am surrounded by the mass of other peoples frantically trying to get a bargain price/right gift for whomever will become visually apparent by midday Friday the individual will look like a zombie, void of any thought and just shuffling along slowly as if in a trance still trying to make random purchases dazed like thye've bin stunned with a tazer weapon
"hey bro, your mom just took out 20 feet of fence coming up the driveway, she looked blackfridayzed damn! good thing there's only one day a year that this could happen!" "yeah, she looked like that this morning when she left to go shop AT 3AM!"
بواسطة grzly نوفمبر/تشرين الثّاني 29, 2009
shared thoughts -albeit wrong -views regarding Christmas Jesus and His Posse and THE Son of God's Birthday -thoughts shared online thru text pics audio/video for all the world to see with a badsanta twist
"hey bro, your cuz' sent me a ba humblog he's a fucking serious H-Tard"
بواسطة grzly ديسمبر/كانون الأَوّل 23, 2009
someone who cannot comprehend the meaning or feeling of the Christmas Season good cheer sprit like scrooge
"hey bro, your cuz just dissed Santas' sleigh team- what a Holi-Tard
بواسطة grzly ديسمبر/كانون الأَوّل 23, 2009
individual who shares online with the world thier "FUCK CHRISTMAS" negative thoughts thru text, pictures, and/or video & audio. one who doesn't care about the Saviour or His Peeps a virtual "HOLI-TARD" or H-TARD" someone with a bad attitude combined with negative Christmas cheer and network access add them up and volla! there you go! a ba humblogger
"hey bro? Merry Christmas to you and, have you read your cousin's latest Holiday blog?" "Thanks and a very happy Jesus' Birthday to You paly!, and I checked it out it's all about how much he be hating about December 25th The Lord Jesus and the Day He Was Born- cuz is a ba humblogger"
بواسطة grzly ديسمبر/كانون الأَوّل 23, 2009
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