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one who swallows loads of seman
betty is a cum guzzler
بواسطة diesel فبراير 14, 2005
popular from things to do in denver when you're dead.. have drinks on a boat under the sun. sweet
boatdrinks, babey!
بواسطة diesel يونيو 16, 2003
O V E R R A T E D! aka. CORKY
A person who may have cheated at baseball his entire career, but was never caught until last season.
(makes Pete Rose look like a damn saint)
One of the leagues WORST outfielders not only in modern day baseball, but any baseball era in history.
Simply put, an awful player that should have been a DH from day 1 in the league.
Corky will always be remembered for how he embarassed himself, his family and his shitty Chicago Cubs fans last season.
بواسطة Diesel فبراير 3, 2004
see eated, eateded.
las' nite, i ated sum ribs.
بواسطة diesel يوليو 23, 2003
see "eated"
las' nite, i eateded sum ribs.
بواسطة diesel يوليو 23, 2003
To have anal sex with some kind of fresh produce.
I vegetabled my girlfriend with a cucumber last night
بواسطة Diesel ابريل 1, 2005
The biggest, and baddest bong ever created. Sitting at 5 feet tall it can stun just about anyone.
He just hit the crippler, he is done.
بواسطة Diesel ابريل 1, 2005

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