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Similar to metrosexual but one who lives in the mountains or otherwise pursues the outdoors adventure lifestyle. Kind of a cleaned-up granola, a Woodsy GQ kinda guy with a splash of bohemian. Knows that he doesn't have to look or smell like a dirtbag to enjoy climbing, hiking, cycling, skiing (all forms), snowshoeing, etc. Probably reads Men's Journal, Outside, Outside's Go, National Geographic Adventure, even Wallpaper* and Dwell. Brands: Patagonia, Keen, Kuhl, The North Face, Mountain Hardwear, Marmot, Mountain Khakis. Strong environmental ethic. Drives a well-maintained truck, performance SUV, or cross-over when absolutely necessary but walks or rides a bicycle whenever possible. Works out gym but primarily to be in shape for outdoor pursuits. Shuns chain stores and shops in outdoor specialty stores such as The Trailhead in Buena Vista, Colorado.
"For such an outdoorsy guy, that dude sure has great style."

"Yeah, he's a veritable MountainSexual!"
بواسطة da Chetster يناير 24, 2009
Order given by leader of a group when walking out of a dark area, such as an office building, mall, airport terminal, or theater into bright sunlight. Max style points are achieved when the posse lowers their shades in unison, like a precision drill team. For this reason, the group leader says "Shades" as a preparatory and after a slight pause for each member to reach up with their right hand to grasp their sunglasses at the hinge point, or to say "Wait! I'm fishing for my keys!" emphasizes "DOWN." The leader must also anticipate arriving at the exit and time his order appropriately.
Keith, Dan, and Jeff are easily approaching the exit with their shades propped coolly upon their heads. Seeing the bright sunlight outside through the doors...

Keith: "Shades DOWN!"
بواسطة da Chetster فبراير 13, 2009
A Dr. Pepper or Mr. Pibb (preferred) and a Snickers bar. Generally munched after catching a major cannabis buzz.
"Man, that J hit the spot, now I'm jonesing for a Denver sandwich."

"Okay, I'll whip in to this 7-11 and you can score one."
بواسطة da Chetster مارس 7, 2009
Old guy who wears Abercrombie & Fitch clothing, generally whilst trolling in environments with a crowd far too young for his years.
"Check out the old dude trying to look young in his Abercrombie."

"Yeah, kinda creepy - he's a papacrombie."
بواسطة da Chetster فبراير 21, 2009
a brand of superior outdoors clothing worn by discerning and discriminating outdoors enthusiasts. Great technical design and features, great outdoors lifestyle clothing and equipment without ridiculous prices. Not yet co-opted by poseurs. Identified by a stylized nut often accompanied by the words "Mountain Hardwear" in distinctive script. Primarily carried in outdoor specialty shops such as The Trailhead in Buena Vista, Colorado.
Jess - "That's a great looking jacket. Does it keep you warm and dry? Who makes it?"

Paul - "Yes, it kept me warm and dry in Ouray. It's waterproof, breathes well, and doesn't have a bunch of useless non-functional crap on it. It's from Mountain Hardwear."

بواسطة da Chetster مارس 1, 2009
1. An ancient puebloan culture centered in what is now the Four Corners region of the American Southwest.

2. A brand of outdoor footwear, best known for their river sandals. Some people would say Chacos are how you tell a real outdoors person from a poseur who may be wearing some other type of sandal. Chacos are generally available only from specialty paddling and outdoor specialty shops such as The Trailhead in Buena Vista, Colorado.
Seth - "That dude must be a real river guide."

Clay - "How can you tell?"

Seth - "He's wearing Chacos."
بواسطة da Chetster مارس 18, 2009
A really cool, edgy-but-not-over-the-top, fashion-forward Levi's diffusion line that appears to have been dropped for some stupid reason. SilverTab jeans were the best, incorporating many elements from several subcultures so a regular guy could subtly rebel and say "Hey, I'm with you." A pox upon whatever suit dumped the line.
"What I like about SilverTab is they have updated style and are made by a real jeans company instead of some fashion house."
بواسطة da Chetster فبراير 27, 2009

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