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The biggest erection a man can achieve, it is very rare like a good Adam Sandler movie.
Guy 1: "Kate Upton flashed me this morning and I totally Mavericked."

Guy 2: "Congratulations man, did you make a wish?"
بواسطة craven morhed ديسمبر 6, 2012
john gammon
its funny because you are !!
بواسطة CRAVEN MORHED فبراير 6, 2003
isa's famous pick up lines that always work
hey baby i was sport you from across the room and you a fly girl i like yo style so awwww LEMME GET YO NUMBA BABY!!!!!!
بواسطة CRAVEN MORHED فبراير 10, 2003
love mayoneese
gurl you know you like my homemade miracle whip
بواسطة CRAVEN MORHED فبراير 6, 2003

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