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The act of paying money for the sexual favors of a member of the opposite sex or the same sex.
It is illegal in most of the USA unless you film it or photogragh it, then it's art, it's legal, and it's an $8 billion dollar a year industry.
Jenna: "I used to suck cock for $25.00 in the front seat of strangers cars in broad daylight."
Howard: "And now you're rich and famous and every high school kid knows who you are."
Jenna:"That's right, now that I do cumshots and anal on DVD, the law can't touch me and I'm rich"
Howard:"So you get paid big bucks for anal sex but that's not prostitution?"
Jenna:"As long as someone in the room has a camera,and millions of people can watch, my ass is for sale legally."
بواسطة benny the chicken killer نوفمبر/تشرين الثّاني 5, 2006
For some strange reason, women began getting these really foolish tatoos on their lower back that usually are ugly and meaningless. Often these tatoos are seen on women over 35 that think it's "COOL". Usually any younger girls in the immediate area can be seen giggling at the washed up bimbo with the silly tatoo and bad dye job.

However these tatoos perform two separate but very important funcions:

1.- They provide a lot of work for tatoo artists.

2.- They provide a landing zone for the ever important cum-shot after good a doggy style pounding , hence the "Cum Target".
Karen- "Look, I got a new Tatoo above my ass!"

Jim- "What the hell did you do that for?"

Karen- "Well I dunno, I already forgot what the fucking thing looks like"

Jim- (unzipping pants) "Since you wasted all your money I might as well glaze your new cum target with my manlyhood.

بواسطة Benny the Chicken Killer فبراير/شباط 19, 2007
A homosexual male that operates undercover until he gets you alone. Usually operates in bars or at the gym.
I hate to tell you this Harry, but I think the guy who just bought you a beer is a Pickle Smootcher.
بواسطة Benny the chicken killer يوليو/تمُّوز 12, 2006
Big round boobs that are the life of the party. Usually more accessable than funbags
"I wen't into the kitchen for another beer, and the next thing you know Sara was banging her Party Bags off my face"
بواسطة Benny the chicken killer يوليو/تمُّوز 12, 2006
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