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One of the four founders/houses of Snogwarts, the Mary Sue version of Hogwarts, dedicated to the four main categories Mary Sues fall into when a Suethor (literally, a Mary Sue Author) writed fanfic in the Harry Potter fandom.
Any OC (original character) who is bright, chipper, happy, bubbly, beautiful (blonde) and has a porn star body with a 5 year old girl's "innosence" falls into the house of Sparkleypoo. She is smarter than Hermione, but quite humble about it, the love intirest of ebery boy at Hogwarts and will make professor Snape so OOC, readers want to either stab their eyes out or try to reach through the screen to kill the Mary Sue as painfully as possable. Her patronus and her animagus are either a unicorn or a rainbow pegasus and she kills all of the cannon in any HP story. Common Sparkleypoo names: Serena, Selena, Krystall, Rose Potter or Sapphire.
Mary Sue: Hello! My name is Strawberry Vanilla CocoabutterLove! I'm a slut but I'm so sweet!


Mary Sue: Tee hee!
بواسطة Zuniga يوليو 15, 2006
Tootsitramp is one of the four founders/houses in a Suethor's rendition of Hogwarts. When a Suethor creates a 14 year old sex goddess that makes every boy want her and every girl supremely jealous of her, that damned Suethor has created a Tootsitramp. If you're a boy, you want her. If you're a girl, you envy her with every fiber of your being until it comsumes you and you lash out at her for being so pretty...and if you're Hermione, Tootsitramp will beat you at any and all academics. This special breed of Mary Sue is most commonly known for turning every character in the HP fandom completely OOC (Out Of Character). Common Tootsitramp names are Candy, Candy, Mandy, Bridgette, Bella, Britney and Kristie.
Tootsitramp Sue: Oh, professor!

بواسطة Zuniga يوليو 15, 2006
Anyone who doesn't live in England who constantly tosses common Britishisms into their chat, Live Journal, comments ect. in attempt to make themselves appear much more worldly than they actually are. ANY American who uses the words bollocks, wanker, arse, snarky and ruddy when they've never set foot outside of their beloved Wisconsin/New Jersey, much less the United States. A Britishism Whore will more likly than not write in their LJ about the ROW they had with one of their ex MATES when she requested a change in the foremat to something more readable, "...but the RUDDY COW couldn't be ARSED to do it! She was being a RUDDY COW, FULL STOP!!!"
Potter Heads, Lord Of The Rings fans, some stray Emo kids and a surprising amount of Mods are guilty of being Britishism Whores. This special breed of whore incites allot of ammusement from those who can see right through them (everyone).
Raboflavin went apeshit over the use of "Britishism Whore" and promptly deleted it because it was too revealing of her true whore-y identity.

Riboflavin: this article is shit! I said it was shit and it still is! *stamps foot* Waahhh!I'm gonna go WANK in the corner! *wangst wangst wangst*
Zuniga: Er...yeahhh...
بواسطة Zuniga يوليو 14, 2006
Anna Wintour is a shriveled, little woman who put herself into power of the American Vogue magazine. Known for her severe bob-cut as well as her severe attitude towards anything and everything besides herself, she is the inspiration for the best selling novle, "The Devil Wears Pradda."
Boasting a skelital size zero, Anna Wintour despizes anyone who's over a size 4, doesn't wear 6 inch stilettos or doesn't agree with her skewered sense of fashion/beauty, including, but not limmited to, copious ammounts of furs and animal skins, rediculously high-heeled shoes and starved, shrunken models who look like they've been on a week long cocaine binge.
Person #1: did you see that Anna Wintour woman get pelted with a tofu pie? She deserves it for being such a bitch, don't you think?
Person #2: who the hell is Anna Wintour?
بواسطة Zuniga يوليو 15, 2006
One of the four founders/houses of Snogwarts, a Mary Sue variant of Hogwarts of the Harry Potter fandom. Suethors usually dreate a Bitchiwitch Sue when they've got a chip on their shoulder, because this Oringinal Charachter sure as hell does. A Bitchiwitch Sue is usually in Slytherin, is a misunderstood Goth/Emo, listens to an "enchanted" CD player, bitches at people and has a terrible attitude, yet manages to get every boy at Hogwarts to want to get into her little black bondage pants. Bitchiwitch is one of the most annoying charachters a Suthor can write: Bitchiwitch Sues are mean, hatefull and are generally ass holse who, in a cannon story, would get the crap beaten out of them for being such a jerk. Common Bitchiwitch names are Ravyn, Katrina, Kat, Ashlee/Ashleigh and even, *snort* Belladonna.
Bitchiwitch Sue: Hey, fuck you and your stupid rules, Snape! You can't tell me what to do in your own class room! I'll wear what I want and I'll be pissed if I want because my parents died and I'm Emo and angsty and depressed and sa-
Readers, the class & Snape in unison:
بواسطة Zuniga يوليو 15, 2006
The term Paris Hilton Proportions is used to describe how hugely fake a girl is.
1)Dyed hair, fake-n-bake tan, slut's clothes, colored contacts, spends more than her parents can afford.
2)When a girl has no identity of her own and must act like whoever she is around to desperately try and fit in.
3) when a girl is so inexcusably fake around boys, her friends are embarrassed to be around her.
PHP Girl: Yeah, lyke, I SO shop at Gucci all the time! *flips hair* I live in Beverly Hills, yeah, lyke, Penelope Cruz and her boy friend Matt are my neighbors!

Normal Person: Jesus, this girl is fake to Paris Hilton Proportions!
بواسطة Zuniga يوليو 20, 2006
A Desperate messenger is someone who submits a definition that has nothing to do with defining anything and only submitted something to get a message out about:
- Their cheating boyfriends/girlfriends
- a town/city/country/school they don't/do like
- giving "props" to their friends/significant others.
- telling someone that they're a faggot/skank and that they suck
- a bunch of other useless shit that doesn't fall under the category of definition.
A Desperate messenger also tends to be a Deff. Whore, a Def. Troll and/or an UD Perve who tends to submit the same "definition" over and over again, sometimes starting Def. Wars.
The person who keeps submitting those stupid "definitions" about Jade Wright is both a Desperate Messenger, a Def. Whore.

Examples of a Desperate Messenger:


Sickle Cell
you have suttn wrong with you but u still act up like you suttin special.
u know u get knocked out buy act like u wanna fight look at u u got sickle cell u aynt doin shit move along
nuke california:

nike california nuke california
nike california nuke california
nuke california nuke california

seriously though....

Desperate Messengers seem to WANT to depict themselves as being total and complete idiots who can't spell....go figure
بواسطة Zuniga يوليو 20, 2006

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