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This is the language that you see in many places online, and even out in public. For example, bathroom graffiti
The basic content of abbreviated "hacker" language is just like the first word says: abbreviated words, often made by taking out letters or altogether converting certain words into numbers. For example, "for" becomes "4". This written or typed form of communication is mostly used by teen adolescents, but not all of them are. The stereotype is destroyed as many young adults also use it, not because theyre stupid, but for two reasons: for hilarity/entertainment value, and for convience. In addition, some spelling is considerably changes in order to disguise profanity as well. Some translated words: ppl=people; 2=to,too; 4=for,fore; plz=please; b4=before; wer=where; ur=your,you're; dat=that; u=you; jus=just; chyt=shit; fukin=fucking; skewl=school; cum=come
A Joke: 3 Things i hate bout dumb ppl
1. i hate it wen ppl point at my watch, and ask "wut time iz it?" bitch, i kno wer mah watch iz wer's urs? do i point at my crotch wen i need to go to da toilet?
2. i hate it wen i go to movies and ppl yelled out "did u jus see dat?" no loser i just payed twelve dollars to stared at the fukin floor.
3. i also hate it wen, in da mornin waitin 4 the skewl bus 2 cum and someone cum by and ask "have the bus came yet?" naw moron, im just standin 4 fun.
بواسطة Ur Mom أكتوبر/تشرين الأوّل 18, 2004
someone fucking awesome
...in bed.
Is he really a berson?
بواسطة ur mom مارس/آذَار 7, 2005
A great threat to use against someone, and especially helpful when you want someone to stop talking bad about you or doing derogatory things to you.
So if you wanna get your mother fuckin cranium cracked, then step right up and keep talking that shit!
بواسطة Ur Mom أكتوبر/تشرين الأوّل 25, 2004
Also known as the roman goddess demeter
Isnt ceres hot?!
بواسطة ur mom فبراير/شباط 23, 2004
very hot girl
quyen is hot
بواسطة ur mom ديسمبر/كانون الأَوّل 12, 2003
One zesty chick who can be a blast to be around once she has consumed a small amount of caffine, preferably in the form of coffe... zebra... double shot...
Me, the coolest coffee-drinking, hyper-active, your mom-saying, lost calling-calling, hyphen-utilizing Amber this side of the galaxy!!
بواسطة ur mom إبريل/نَيْسان 5, 2004
No body likes her and she looks like a baboons buttocks. She hums really annoyingly and obsesses over women. She also has a severe disease called idiotosis. If u ever come in contact with her makes sure to go take a shower quickly and run around and scream like a little girl. If u spot her on the street call animal control and they will make sure to remove her out of your sight. You'll know if u see her because she looks like a cat that has been dead for 3 months and sounds like a male.

Nick Phillips is the coolest person in the world and feels sorry for kayla and her friends.
I look like a baboons buttocks. I must be Kayla Roden.
بواسطة Ur MoM إبريل/نَيْسان 25, 2005
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