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(lucky me for getting here first)
n.Music made that that has no help of hot music video girls, implants, gimmicks, voice enhancers, steroids, or repeating a single lyric over and over because your big name and street cred will automatically make anyone buy your crappy rap music no matter how much it sucks and love it in fear of being socially rejected despite the fact that your early career as a free styler was a million times more inventive and would have impressed those haters at the FCC somehow and saved white people across the world a lot of time typing up angry letters, posts, dictionary inserts, etc.
-Why are you listening to Usher? Bach was the last real musician!
--yo, shut the **** up foo befo I knock yo ***! HE use only 10 real word of dis english, making it easy for me and my ghetto culture allies to comprehend.
-SHutup, Mike, and stop pretending you're black.
بواسطة Trex يوليو/تمُّوز 21, 2004
Short for "woman's issue"
I told my wife I was having a buddy over for beers and the game and she had a wissue and completely flipped out because she thought the house wasn't clean.
بواسطة TRex أغسطس/آب 20, 2004
When three events, usually beyond one's control, converge and create a large inconvenience for an individual. Each event represents one of the storms that collided on the Andrea Gail in the book/movie titled the perfect storm.
I had planned to go out tonight with my friends but then the perfect storm hit and now I can't do anything, my boss wanted me to work late, my girlfriend told me "we needed to talk", and my car won't start.
بواسطة TRex أغسطس/آب 21, 2004
1.Started as a bad joke against IMers who mutilate the english language, this word is truly a combination of three emotions:
-First the user is amused
-then the user is confused
-then the sudden realization of what the user was laughing at comes up

2.Laughing at soething really bizzare

3.The H-bomb of instant messaging.
ceXXigurl79:omg i jus luuuv to hav secks wit fram aminals! r u a fram aminal?
بواسطة Trex يوليو/تمُّوز 21, 2004
once, a single time.
"Enough!" They said after getting shot in the foot.
بواسطة Trex يونيو/حَزيران 24, 2004
1)A sub-language from English, made by African-Americans in the South during reconstruction period. Involves a heavy southern accent, many idioms involving the sea, and is difficult to understand if you are a traditional English speaker.
2)A 'language' spoken by tards and wiggers who think 'they is da shit', but are actually just making themselves look like iliterates and fools. If these people had one day on the streets, it would be the last. Especially the white ones. God curse their souls.
:I te yew, I see non then banjers commin thrugh the brroud!
:c'mon, now, gile, yew besta be jokin or I's hurt yew like a crawdad on Sunday.

:Yo yo I come from the streets nigga! g-g-g-g-unit!
: bandwagon whore.
:You best not be triflin' or I'm gonna cap you sorry white a$$ up on dis house!
: freak.
:You got buck wit me, son? hoh?
: (weeps softly at delince of America)
بواسطة Trex يناير/كانون الثّاني 6, 2005
The result of a small combination from the name Tripp Rex Eisen. The 1st initial, 'T', combined with the middle name, 'Rex', to form 'Trex'

This is the nickname given to Lee Chesnalavage

Commonly reffered to as 'Sexi Trexi'
"Hey look! Its Trex!"
بواسطة Trex إبريل/نَيْسان 10, 2005
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