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A distribution source for independant publishing (like zines), indie music labels and other diy crafts. Some of the more established distros include Pander Zine Distro and Moonrocket, though there are literally hundreds of distros worldwide. Generally speaking they don't turn much of a profit as stocking and selling their products is a labor of love, much as it is for those who create what they sell.

Additionally, the process for being distributed (or distro'ed) is much less formal than with conglomerate publishers - sometimes zinesters can just send in a note and a copy of their zine and, if the owner of the distro likes it, they'll agree to sell any number of copies.

Currently, the most up-to-date listing of distros can be found in Stolen Sharpie Revolution, put out by Microcosm Publishing.
I just received the new Brainscan and Doris zines from Pander the other day, and so far they're great!

Katie's zine is so great, she's had tons of distros asking to carry it since the first issue!
بواسطة Somegirl يناير/كانون الثّاني 27, 2005
A movement based around the idea that people can be healthy and beautiful at any size. The movement is generally accepted as having started in 1969 with the founding of NAAFA by Bill Fabrey.

Noteable groups in the movement's history include the New Haven Fat Liberation Front and the Fat Underground in Los Angeles, both of which were active in the seventies. More recently, NOLOSE (formerly the National Organization for Lesbians of SizE), NAAFA and the Council on Size and Weight Discrimination have been in the vanguard of the fat activism movement.

Some important figures in the history of the fat lib movement include Bill Fabrey, Karen Scott-Jones (now Karen Stimson), Aldebaran (now Sara Fishman) and Lynn McAfee.

More recent figures in the movement include Marilyn Wann, author of the zine Fat!So?, Nomy Lamm, author of the zine I'm So Fucking Beautiful, and Stacy Bias, founder of FatGirl Speaks, a grassroots fat empowerment conference held in Portland every year.
We're going to NOLOSE's fat activism conference this July - are you coming?

My ideas about body image and self worth changed when I became involved in fat activism.
بواسطة Somegirl مايو/أيار 10, 2005
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