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The candidate endorsed by Stephen Colbert and his Super PAC "Americans for a better tomorrow, tomorrow".
Vote Rick Parry. With an A for America. With an A for Iowaaaaaaaa.
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بواسطة SellyOakRam أغسطس/آب 20, 2011
A coma week is a week in which the participant will spend the entire time drunk - going out every night of the week, getting drunk, returning home, sleeping and then eating a fry up and starting drinking again in preparation for the next night of drunkenness.

It is so named because after 7 days of near-constant drinking, the participant will be in a state that resembles a coma - unconscious and unresponsive to stimuli
Steve and Dean decided to celebrate their graduation by doing a coma week.
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بواسطة SellyOakRam مارس/آذَار 21, 2010
An abnormally large tumour.
That patient's tumour is so big, it's starting to look like a threemour!
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بواسطة SellyOakRam مايو/أيار 3, 2011
Doing an Adam (alternatively, "going for an Adam") refers to the act of doing a topless shit.

A topless shit is only "an Adam" if you took your clothes off before going for a shit. If you were already topless beforehand, it does not count. You must also be fully topless: no vests or bras.

Doing a naked shit is sometimes called a "full Adam", although a topless shit is never called a "half Adam".

The main advantage of doing an Adam is that when you are straining on the toilet, your shirt will not get sweaty from your exertions.
Joe: Dude, where's your shirt?

Matt: Oh, I left it in the toilet.

Joe: Why did you take it off?

Matt: I was doing an Adam.

Joe: Ah, of course.
#doing an adam #going for an adam #topless shit #full adam #adam #naked shit #shit #toilet #crap #defecation #pooh
بواسطة SellyOakRam أغسطس/آب 19, 2011
An acronym of "Up the Rams", used by fans of Derby County Football Club (nicknamed "The Rams") to illustrate their support for the team. It is usually used in online message boards, on msn and in text messages.
Jack: You going to the Derby game this weekend?

John: Yeah man, me and Joe got our tickets this morning. UTR!
#derby county football club #derby county #dcfc #up the rams #utr! #the rams
بواسطة SellyOakRam أغسطس/آب 6, 2010
Strahology is the religion devoted to the worship of Australian actress Yvonne Strahovski.

Strahologists worship at the feet of the beautiful blonde actress and follow her career with devotion; from Chuck and Dexter to the Mass Effect series and beyond.
"What's your religion?"
#strahology #sarah walker #yvonne strahovski #strahologists #blonde #hannah mckay
بواسطة SellyOakRam ديسمبر/كانون الأَوّل 10, 2012
To attach something (frequently something unwelcome and done maliciously) to something desirable.

Commonly used in politics when an unwelcome amendment is added to a bill.
First aide: "You're trying to propulgate a tax bill onto an appropriations package. If we start allowing that, we're never going to get budgets passed."

Second aide: "Would you support a tax cut if it were separate from the budget?"

Third aide: "We're not going to support it while it's attached to the appropriations bill."
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بواسطة SellyOakRam مايو/أيار 23, 2012
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