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Boobies; breasts; titties; hooters; etc.
What nice chichis you have!
بواسطة Ryoko ديسمبر 25, 2002
This acronym has two meaning:
1.Laughing her ass off
2.Laughing his ass off
This can be used when writing fanfiction or describing someone in 3rd person.
girl:I told Jane that joke this morning and she was lhao.
boy:I told John the same joke and he was lhao until tears came out of his eyes.
بواسطة Ryoko يناير 14, 2006
One who bookas teh goats.
Fujii, you goat bookaer.
بواسطة Ryoko ديسمبر 25, 2002
The study of poon.
We got to look at poon in poonology today.
بواسطة Ryoko ديسمبر 25, 2002
Person with no sense of kickass and sucking, or right and wrong, because to him, his favorite thing is always the best.
Stfu fanboy.
بواسطة Ryoko ديسمبر 25, 2002

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