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Getting beat up with flour.
Joe got antiqued yesterday.
بواسطة k-dizzle فبراير 22, 2004
Gnarly people. Great friends
Man the platoon are some cool cats.
بواسطة K-Dizzle فبراير 26, 2004
makeing out with a lovely englishman <333 those english accents
1. They were getting down with their full frontal snogging
بواسطة k-dizzle فبراير 28, 2005
a lousy whore that guzzles skeet, or spluge/spunk/jizz/cum/semen

a cum dumpster
Man that bitch is such a fucking skeetsucker. What a two-bit, good-for-nothing fucking whore!
بواسطة K-Dizzle مارس 20, 2005
Super big pimp daddy that all the girlies love
man, he's a lucciano, and he's so sexy
بواسطة K-DIZZLE اكتوبر 20, 2003
Sucking ass fluids through a straw.
I shrimped her good
بواسطة k-dizzle فبراير 22, 2004
oral stimulation of the penis from the oposite sex. syn: blow job,fellatio,head
So man, did you get your d-dubbed?
بواسطة K-Dizzle مايو 2, 2004

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