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To be thirTEEN through nineTEEN years old. It is possible to be both a teen and an adult. Teen does not mean only a person who is not an adult yet.

A teen is someone who is constantly getting discriminated against, like blacks used to.

Unfortunately, the majority of adults fail to see that. (See bias or ignorant.)
My teen is so rebellious and has a mind of his own, which scares me, the parent! I want my teen to be a robot, not an individual!
#teen #discriminate #black #age #adult #why #bother
بواسطة Jacob Wake-up مايو/أيار 7, 2009
If you believe adultism is right, you might as well thumb me down before going on.

1) The belief that adults are superior to minors. It is so widespread and common that most people don't even know adultism exists.

Corrupted scientists use junk science (incorrect scientific facts) to try and justify adultism. Unfortunately, it works.

Most people think pictures of an adult's brain and a teenager's brain can be compared to argue that adult's are superior in every way possible. -_-
Angela: May I participate in this homosexuality debate?

Adult: No, you are just 16 years old. Your brain is not developed enough to debate in this adult topic.

Angela: -_-

*and some more adultism*

Tom: Why can't I watch Family Guy, dad?

Dad: I want you to stay as innocent as possible throughout your childhood.

Tom: Epic fail!
#kid #child #adult #epic #fail #discrimination #brain #age
بواسطة Jacob Wake-up مايو/أيار 7, 2009
The worst Pokemon forum on the net.

If you even dare to debate about anything objectively, you will get the mighty B&hammer and will forever be ridiculed by the Serebii gods.

Probably the only Pokemon forum that has a homosexual Britney Spears-loving moderator.

In order to be loved at the forum, you must be an ignorant asshat and have more morals than a corrupted nun.

It is truly a site to bash.
Bob: Yolanda, did you visit serebiiforums.com today?

Yolanda: Hell no! The last time I visited that site I lost 10 IQ points!
#serebii #celebi #pokemon #forum #ass #hat #dumb #disgrace #internet #god #homosexual #moderator #britney #spears #ignorant
بواسطة Jacob Wake-up مايو/أيار 7, 2009
Someone who has sex with an animal or animals.
Tom: Get your penis out of my horse, you bestialist!

Julia: Ewwwwwww! Animals can't consent!
#beast #bestiality #zoo #nasty #ew #animal #sex #horse #penis
بواسطة Jacob Wake-up مايو/أيار 7, 2009
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