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A Racist Word For white People. Originated from back in the cotton plantation and slavery days where the white slave drivers would "crack" the whip at the lazy slaves. the opposite of nigger
Slave Driver "get back to work you lazy nigger"
Slave "fuck you cracka"
#cracker #slave driver #whip operator #nigger hater #complete dickhole licker.
بواسطة Heroin Joe فبراير/شباط 17, 2009
a short lazy stoner way of saying "go fuck yourself"
you- "man i got the munchies. gimme some of your fuckin cookies"
Me- "you-fuck-you"
#fuck off #go fuck yourself #slag off #i said no!!! #fagget
بواسطة Heroin Joe فبراير/شباط 17, 2009
a confirmation of your understanding of what i am trying to say. rhetorical question
see: do you know what i mean
i's smoked yaw shit mawfucker yaw mean. win better in basketball yaw mean
#know what i'm saying #what do you think i mean #do you understand #shut the fuck up and listen #i'm serious here asshole
بواسطة Heroin Joe فبراير/شباط 17, 2009
1: when under the influence of most downer drugs your eyes become sunken and makes your eyes look they have sausages above and below them. eyelid bags.

2: to be too high as if you've been shot with a high lazer to make you think you're a sausage
1: "oh man my eyes look like their surrounded by a buncha sausages"

2: "man i'm too Sausagised to go to work right now"
#high #stoned #high-beam #almond eyes #somniferious
بواسطة Heroin Joe فبراير/شباط 17, 2009
1: somniferious; a person who is sleepy or tired
2: a person so stoned that their eyes are closed
1: "my optical receptors have fallen too heavy to speak intelectually . i have somneriferious almond eyes"
2: "dude man you're so stoned you lookin through a pair of fawkin almond eyes"
#sausage eyed #somneriferious #stoned #tired #sleepy
بواسطة Heroin Joe فبراير/شباط 17, 2009
(I'm taking the word honkey back for all races)
a person who constantly honks their horn while driving any vehicle
"That cracka is one loud honkey"
"That nigga is one loud honkey"
"that chink is one loud honkey"
"That packie is one loud honkey"
#annoying #loud #a pissoff #deafening #asshole
بواسطة Heroin Joe فبراير/شباط 27, 2009
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