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Played by Robert Patrick in Terminator 2: Judgement Day.

A liquid metal Terminator.
" The T-1000 is coming! "

" What is it? "
" The T-1000 "
#terminator #liquid metal #robot #killer #killing machine
بواسطة Bill Abnovsky أغسطس/آب 18, 2006
Three penises or objects that exemplify penises, such as dildos, in one anus.

It is physically possible to achieve naturally ( without the use of toys ) but has rarely been attempted in pornography, certainly not in the mainstream.

However, triple anal penetration with the use of two penises and one dildo has been done, notably by female porn star Sandra Romain, twice.
Cindy tried triple anal with her boyfriend and two dildos

Samantha had Frank and Derek sexually penetrate her anus at the same time, and also added a dildo into the mix

Somehow, some way, Jessica got three men to fit their erect penises into her anus all at once.
#anal #double #extreme #porn #hard #toys
بواسطة Bill Abnovsky يوليو/تمُّوز 3, 2008
Depending on the size of the text and book, in most cases it numbers 1200-1500 pages. It has 15 parts to it and over a hundred chapters. Have a good time reading it.

Or, you could always watch the 6hr+ Russian made film that cost 100 Million USD to make, in 1968, the most expensive film of all time, it would cost near 600 Million to make today.
" How about you read War and Peace "

" Go read War and Peace and leave me alone "

" I'd rather read War and Peace "

" It took me a year but I finally got through reading War and Peace "
#book #epic #long #old #war
بواسطة Bill Abnovsky أغسطس/آب 19, 2006
A 1950s film nominated on many occasions as the worst film ever.

It was originally made to be a horror film where the monster is a gorrila who wears an old style scuba diving helmet because it's head is a skull, though in the movie it's because it can't breathe on earth.

" Have you seen Robot Monster? It's horrible! "

" He looks like the robot monster "
#bad #horrible #crap film #villain #joke
بواسطة Bill Abnovsky أغسطس/آب 18, 2006
A poor sequel to the original film Speed.

Speed 2 also features actress Sandra Bullock, it does not however feature Keanu Reeves.

Shortly after the opening of this film, Keanu Reeves became an A-List Celebrity.
" There's a Speed 2 now? "
" Yes there is "
" Is it any good? "
" I'm afraid not "
" Well how bad is it? "
" If you were blind I'd tell you to bring ear plugs "
#speed #bad film #horrible #sequel #cheesy
بواسطة Bill Abnovsky أغسطس/آب 18, 2006
An extremely hot blonde born in 1981.

Playboy Playmate of the Month October 2002.

Is of German and Japanese ancestry.

Former Hooters restaurant employee.
" I wish I could go home to Teri Harrison every night "

" Teri Harrison is the hottest woman alive! "

" I'd do Teri Harrison in a heartbeat, maybe less "
#hot #playboy #playmate #blonde #1981
بواسطة Bill Abnovsky أغسطس/آب 19, 2006
A supporter of the extreme right-wing political belief system and/or government.
" Watch what you say now, he's a Fascist "

" Spain was a Fascist nation from 1936 until 1975 "
#right-wing #neo conservative #anti-liberal #rightist #hard liner
بواسطة Bill Abnovsky أغسطس/آب 18, 2006
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